We all know how important it is, particularly at this time, to get out and exercise in the fresh air. Running or walking in the fields is fine but keep to the designated public footpaths rather than walking in the tractor marks which go up and down the fields. This is in order to protect the crops and also to protect vital bird-nesting sites in the fields.  However, for the safety of  all, please do wear gloves when out exercising.

Adderbury Contact

Thanks to so many of our loyal distribution team, most of the village should now have received their copy of April Contact.

If not you can pick up a copy from Adderbury Stores, or the Fennells at Archway Cottage at the top of Tanners Lane, or from the Nortons at 4 Twyford Avenue – and of course you can view on line by clicking on the Contact icon at the bottom right of the home page on www.adderbury.org.

This edition might prove to be a collector’s item, as the rapid events of the last two weeks since we went to press mean that you will be reading a record of all that is not now going to happen in April and May!

A Message from Adderbury Stores

Revised Opening Times
Thank you for supporting us during these difficult times. We will do our best to supply most of your weekly needs, but it is not easy to get everything from our wholesalers.
For the time being we will open from 8.00 am to 12 noon on weekdays and 9.00 am to 12 noon on Sundays. This will give us some time to get supplies from cash and carry depots.
Volunteers Needed Please
But we need volunteers from each neighbourhood who are prepared to make deliveries to those who are housebound – please phone Trish Fennell on 811059 if you are able to do this.
Are you Housebound and Need a Delivery?
For those who are housebound please phone Trish Fennell 811059 or Enid Frost on 811038 or for Milton it’s Fay Plumb on 07790 659983 – they will try to organise a volunteer to deliver an order for you. Thank you – Deepa and Dave

Tip of the Week

As we are experiencing these turbulent changing times and becoming confined to our houses, it’s important to look after the physical body. You will probably not be moving as much as you normally do, and the body soon misses the movement and this can make you feel sluggish and lethargic. A few regular gentle exercises can make all the difference to how you feel.

Tip of the week
If you are working from home on the computer, observe your posture. You may have a very good office chair, or you may be using an old dining chair but the most important thing is to sit yourself upright in the chair. Imagine you are a puppet with the string at the crown of your head drawing you up tall, and maintain that position. Keep both feet flat on the floor while you are working. When you lean forwards to the keyboard, move forwards at the hips to bring the whole body forwards rather than slump the body or lean on your elbows. This way you keep the head and spine in line. Do not work from your laptop sitting on the settee!  Please use your common sense and do not continue any advice given if you are experiencing any pain.

Katharine House Hospice

Loss of funding during Coronavirus Pandemic
Katharine House Hospice is almost totally dependent on public support, with more than three-quarters of our funding coming from people like you.
Our doctors and nurses are working in our inpatient unit, in the community and the Horton hospital, and at the end of a phone more than ever before in this crisis. But to keep caring for people at the end of their lives, we need to ensure our doctors and nurses can continue to do their jobs. Financially this is unprecedented, and we expect to miss out on £1,800 in donations every day during the current Coronavirus crisis, which means we face a real challenge to keep our teams working.
Please will you support our doctors and nurses and urgently donate just £2 per month or a one off donation of £8 to cover the cost for the next six months to ensure local people can still access services throughout the Coronavirus crisis.  Thank you.

Beware Scams relating to Covid-19 Pandemic

Criminals will use any opportunity they can to take money from innocent people. This includes exploiting tragedies and global emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, to scam people in a variety of ways. The number of these scams are only likely to increase and we need individuals and businesses to be fully aware and prepared.
As more people stay indoors and work from computers and laptops at home, there is more opportunity for criminals to try and trick people into parting with their money at a time when they are anxious and uncertain about the future.
We have already received nearly 400 reports of fraud related to COVID-19, the majority of which are online shopping scams where people have ordered protective face masks, hand sanitiser, and other products, which have never arrived. We have also seen a large amount of phishing emails and texts circulating, that use COVID-19 as a hook, and try to get recipients to click on links or attachments which harvest information and lead to the individual revealing personal or financial details.