Another Triumph for Voices Across Time!

It seemed a great idea for the Friends of St Mary’s Adderbury fundraising programme:

Voices Across time – hugely talented young people dedicated to bringing history to life through music – want to come back home to Adderbury St Mary’s Church and bring us an amazing story they have created about the Adderbury Carillon. And they’ve lined up a team of seven equally talented young players, a highly versatile band, and staging and lighting to match any West End theatre – but about the carillon?? (though some of us did actually know what the carillon is)  Let’s go for it!

So, on May 17/18 in a perfect setting, we were privileged to see the result of their creativity and drive – The Clockwinder’s Tale, an Adderbury story of our history woven into mystery and intrigue, with memorable music and very relevant messages to take away.

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