Beware Scams relating to Covid-19 Pandemic

Criminals will use any opportunity they can to take money from innocent people. This includes exploiting tragedies and global emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, to scam people in a variety of ways. The number of these scams are only likely to increase and we need individuals and businesses to be fully aware and prepared.
As more people stay indoors and work from computers and laptops at home, there is more opportunity for criminals to try and trick people into parting with their money at a time when they are anxious and uncertain about the future.
We have already received nearly 400 reports of fraud related to COVID-19, the majority of which are online shopping scams where people have ordered protective face masks, hand sanitiser, and other products, which have never arrived. We have also seen a large amount of phishing emails and texts circulating, that use COVID-19 as a hook, and try to get recipients to click on links or attachments which harvest information and lead to the individual revealing personal or financial details.

Katharine House Hospice

Loss of funding during Coronavirus Pandemic
Katharine House Hospice is almost totally dependent on public support, with more than three-quarters of our funding coming from people like you.
Our doctors and nurses are working in our inpatient unit, in the community and the Horton hospital, and at the end of a phone more than ever before in this crisis. But to keep caring for people at the end of their lives, we need to ensure our doctors and nurses can continue to do their jobs. Financially this is unprecedented, and we expect to miss out on £1,800 in donations every day during the current Coronavirus crisis, which means we face a real challenge to keep our teams working.
Please will you support our doctors and nurses and urgently donate just £2 per month or a one off donation of £8 to cover the cost for the next six months to ensure local people can still access services throughout the Coronavirus crisis.  Thank you.

Draft Notes of Parish Council Meeting – 25 February

There were apologies from Councillors August, Head, Lyons and Mitchell and District Councillor McHugh.
Chairman’s Announcements:  Mrs Bratt was delighted to announce that she had been awarded the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire  award for services to the community.
Public Forum:  There were no members of the public present.

Message From Adderbury Parish Council

The Parish Council has received a number of reports that dogs are being allowed in the children’s play area in the Lucy Plackett and dog mess is being left near to the equipment. Please could users note that dogs are not permitted in the play areas at the Lucy Plackett or The Rise. Dog mess should always be picked up by owners because it can be extremely hazardous, especially to children.

This issue has been raised with the Dog Warden at Cherwell District Council so that he can use his powers to take any necessary action.

Views Sought on Street Lighting

The Parish Council has been approached by residents of the village with a request to switch off/dim some street lights in residential areas of Adderbury, between 1230am and 530am every night.

This is an initiative which is supported by Oxfordshire County Council, who are responsible for street lighting.  OCC has introduced a programme to reduce energy consumption and achieve savings in the cost of energy by replacing street lights with a LED solution, converting to part-night street lighting in parishes, trimming and dimming the operational times of the lights.

There are some areas of exception, which include Oxford Road, Banbury Road and Aynho Road, around The Green and High Street.

The Parish Council would like to invite comments from residents on this initiative to gauge whether or not this is a project which is supported and could be taken forward. If you would like to make any comments, please email them to or write to the Clerk, Theresa Goss at 3 Tanners Close, Middleton Cheney, Banbury, OX17 2GD.

Parish Council Biodiversity Project for Adderbury

There has been a large amount of interest from residents in leaving areas of vegetation more natural to encourage increased bio-diversity. In response to this the Parish Council has agreed to a number of actions, which also comply with the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan’s Policies on bio-diversity: If residents wish to make comments or be involved in this project, please contact the Parish Clerk