Adderbury Parish Council Report for November 2018

During November 2018, there was one meeting of Adderbury Parish Council on 27 November 2018 and a meeting of the Environment Committee on 13 November 2018. During the month, the Parish Council, individual Councillors and the Clerk carried out a number of tasks and work on projects in the village, which included the below. Traffic […]

Draft Notes of Parish Council Meeting – 27 November

The Chairman announced with great sadness the resignation of Councillor Chris Shallis and thanked him for all his contribution to PC.  There were apologies from District Councillors Bishop and McHugh. Open Forum:  Matters raised in Open Forum were issues relating to the proposed land on the Milton Road and the cost of proposed drainage, and […]

Do You have a Spare Room in Your House?

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The Oxfordshire Shared Lives Scheme supports carers to provide paid care and support in their own home to vulnerable adults.

Traffic Calming

Following the very strong turnout and calls for action by village residents at the last Parish Council meeting, the Parish Council’s Environment Committee is investigating the issue of traffic calming in the village. The biggest concern is due to those drivers who are not driving within the speed limits.

As an immediate first step, the Parish Council wishes to remind all those driving around the village to be considerate neighbours and obey the speed limits which are in place to keep everyone safe. The Parish Council asks residents to do their bit to help with the problem by slowing down. When Thames Valley Police are engaged to address the issue, motorists who drive within the limits will not be caught speeding and issued with a penalty.

This is an issue which can only be addressed by the Parish Council if it has the support and assistance of the residents of the village.