Lose Those Lockdown Kilos!

Weekly Workouts with a qualified fitness instructor at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field.
One hour’s session every Wednesday morning. £24 per block of 6 sessions. Let’s try and shed those extra pounds that have sneeked on over lockdown and get fitter and healthier again!!!
Current Covid-19 Distancing Rules will apply. Everyone welcome!
Contact debbydickinson@gmail.com for more info.

Adderbury Parish Council Chairman’s Report 2019-2020

It is unfortunate that this report could not be delivered at the usual Annual Parish meeting in April, as that was cancelled due to the government measures for public meetings during the Covid 19 pandemic. You can read the full report on https://www.adderburypc.co.uk/documents.php?catid=19 It covers: Parish Poll May 2019 The Milton Road Sport and Community […]

Please be a responsible Dog Owner

As the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions continue to ease, there has been an increase in the number of people venturing out into the countryside for some social-distancing exercise.
Although good for the health, this is an the opportunity to encourage visitors to follow the Countryside Code for their own safety, and that of the wildlife and livestock they encounter.
There is a more sinister side to not following the rules, and visitors should keep to public footpaths and not walk over fields, always leave gates as they find them or let their dogs foul in the fields or leave poo bags on the ground or tied to fences.

Update on Community Governance Review

The website committee have decided to take down the thread of comments related to the article on the Community Governance Review as in their view there is a risk of contravening section 3.2 of their constitution relating to unacceptable comments -see  https://adderbury.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Constitution-2019-2.pdf
As residents will be aware, a petition has been submitted to Cherwell District Council (CDC) by West Adderbury Residents Association, for a Community Governance Review, requesting that the Parish of Adderbury is split into two Parish Council areas; East and West Adderbury.

Swifts in Adderbury

I had hoped to arrange another Adderbury Swift Walk for Swift Awareness Week (starting 27 June) but that’s no longer possible. However here’s a suggestion about how you could enjoy one of the great sights and sounds of the summer.
On a warm summer evening before the end of July, take a stroll through the centre of the village. Set off at about 7.30 pm or a bit later; keep an eye on the skies and your ears open for screaming parties of Swifts as you go. You can find Swifts in several parts of the village, including Tanners Lane, Manor Road, The Leys and Cross Hill Road for instance, but the best numbers are at the end of Church Lane. So make sure you spend a little time there near the entrance to the Church.

COVID-19 Testing Initiative

I am writing to you as a volunteer, leading the Oxford Task Force for the Donate Your Cough initiative (developed by London-based startup, Novoic). The ‘Donate Your Cough’ campaign can be reached here: https://www.novoic.com/covid-19. We’re developing a free, scalable and remote screening test for COVID-19, based on the unique cough patterns caused by the virus. The technology uses advanced deep learning and signal processing techniques to ‘learn’ what COVID-19-specific cough patterns sound like. Upon validation, this test could theoretically screen the entire country within seconds.
Right now, we are building a group of volunteers in the Oxford area, to help with community outreach of this project – and achieve the target of 1,000,000 cough recordings by the end of July.