Welcome to the Village of Adderbury

We hope you enjoy finding out more about the people and places that make up this vibrant North Oxfordshire community.

Situated close to the M40 motorway, three miles south of Banbury and 20 miles North of Oxford, Adderbury provides a picturesque gateway to the many delights and attractions of the surrounding Cotswold towns, villages and countryside.

In the village itself, the clusters of honey-coloured stone cottages are the stuff of picture postcards and, together with the parish church with its impressive steeple, provide echoes of a history that can be traced back over 1000 years.

Part of that history is the tradition of Morris dancing which had died out by the end of the 19th century but was successfully revived in the 1970s. Today Adderbury boasts three active Morris sides and the annual Day of Dance is a highlight of the village calendar.

The village also enjoys an enviable reputation for its music, which ranges from informal folk nights in the pub, to orchestral concerts in the parish church.

As we hope you’ll discover from this website, Adderbury and the neighbouring hamlet of Milton, have a strong sense of community with many thriving clubs and organisations. The village also has a flourishing primary school and pre-school and boasts a large number of local businesses including a village store and four pubs.

If you are lucky enough to live in Adderbury please take time to see what’s going on … and if we’ve missed anything, do let us know. If you’re planning to visit or coming to live in the area then we offer you a warm welcome.