Supporting Communities Through Covid 19

You can apply for a maximum of £10,000 for community action projects and a maximum of £50,000 for collaborative, broad reach projects. If you would like to make an application, please follow this link.…/
If you require any further guidance about completing the application form or wish to ask any questions about this grant scheme please contact Grant applications must be received by 10.00 am, Friday 12 March 2021.

Planning Application 20/03687/F Plot 37 Henge Close

Nicholas King Homes is applying (again) to build a 3 bedroom house on Plot 37 of Henge Close. This Plot was originally designated as large green space for community use, and the planning application for the Henge Close development was approved on this basis. It seems very unfair that this developer has sold houses with the promise of a nearby green space, then subsequently applied to build on this green space as soon as contracts were exchanged.  If the developer wanted to put a house on Plot 37, this should have been part of the original Henge Close application. The deadline for comments is 23 February 2021 and you can access the online form at Comment on planning application: 20/03687/F – Planning register | Planning register | Cherwell District Council.

Can you help Home-Schooling Children with your Spare Laptop?

Parents who are home-schooling are heavily relying on computers which might be in short supply. We wondered if there are any ‘old’ or ‘spare’ laptops in the village that could be donated to them? The Adderbury Foeffees team have taken this challenge on board, with local volunteer help to get machines wiped/refurbished/delivered.  Please click here to see the letter of appreciation from the Head Techer of Christopher Rawlins School. If you do have a spare laptop or desk top please call Feoffees Clerk Charlotte Holmes on 01295 810308. Thank you.