New Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in your Area

Do you care about the community you live in? Would you like to see a Neighbourhood Watch scheme operating in your area?

Neighbourhood Watch schemes are there to increase awareness about what is happening around the area that you live and to make sure people are looking out for each other, especially the elderly and more vulnerable members of the community.


Have you been caught up in the recent excitement of the Commonwealth Games on The Gold Coast? The England netball team, the Roses, were victorious and took the gold medal home after nailbiting semis and a breathtaking final against Australia who have been unbeaten for what seems like forever!! The Roses have been fighting for the top position in recent years but have never gained it until now. Many people have been newly excited by netball as a spectator sport and in recent years England netball has launched a nationwide back to netball scheme that has been hugely successful in boosting local team numbers and encouraging ladies and girls to play for fun and fitness.

Opinions on Application for Change of use to Land North of Milton Road

‘May I recommend to those interested as to the use this land is to be put that they read as a matter of urgency the latest communication from Caroline Ford the officer in charge of this application to the Clerk and the Chair of Adderbury Parish Council.
Go to; Planning; View a planning application; 18/00220/F.
It appears that a considerable amount of work has yet to be done to get this application to any sort of acceptable format. It now seems likely that consideration of it by the full Planning Committee will be delayed into June at the earliest.
In view of the progress to date one must wonder at the capabilities of those submitting this application.’

The Bells

On the morning of 27 April another half muffled Quarter Peal was rung on the bells of St Mary’s Church Adderbury to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Private Ronald Leonard Pargeter, 2nd Battalion, Princess Charlotte of Wales’s (Royal Berkshire Regiment) 25 Brigade, 8th Division, who was killed in action in the Somme on 27 April 1918 (aged 19). Private Pargeter was the last of the Adderbury Morris Boys to be killed during the war, his brother Percy having been the first.