Paediatric Services at Horton General Hospital

We are not downgrading paediatric services at the Horton General Hospital. As part of our continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our preparations for any future surges, we are working across the Trust to ensure that our services, including Paediatrics, are able to run safely, with the right staffing, social distancing, PPE, and processes in place to protect both staff and patients.

Zoomed in Map

As the map sent with the Community Governance Review form is illegible, Cherwell District Council has produced a new one.  Click here to see a zoomed in version of the proposed location of the new parish boundary.

Primary School Playing Field

Christopher Rawlins Primary School has kindly requested that people do not use the school field for exercising their dogs. There has recently been an increase in dog mess on the field, which presents a number of health and safety issues for the children who use the field. Please use other locations for exercising your dogs and please pick up their mess.

Anthony Burgess in Adderbury in the 1950s

Late in 1950 John Burgess Wilson, who was later to find fame as the prolific writer Anthony Burgess, moved to 4 Water Lane, Adderbury with his wife Lynne. He had accepted a post as a junior English master at Banbury Grammar School, and a loan from Lynne’s father had enabled the couple to get a mortgage on the cottage. Do go to the Adderbury History Association website to read the complete article on this interesting man.

St Mary’s Church Reopens

St Mary’s Church will be open Wednesdays between 5.00 pm and 7.00 pm from 24 June.  If you’re dropping in, please take sensible precautions. There will be someone present to supervise. We will listen to feedback and change the times if necessary.

Please be a responsible Dog Owner

As the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions continue to ease, there has been an increase in the number of people venturing out into the countryside for some social-distancing exercise.
Although good for the health, this is an the opportunity to encourage visitors to follow the Countryside Code for their own safety, and that of the wildlife and livestock they encounter.
There is a more sinister side to not following the rules, and visitors should keep to public footpaths and not walk over fields, always leave gates as they find them or let their dogs foul in the fields or leave poo bags on the ground or tied to fences.