eBook Short Story Competition 2023

Oxfordshire libraries are pleased to announce the eBook short story competition is to run for its ninth year. The competition continues to demonstrate how libraries support writing talent and at the same time promotes the popular eBook service. It has also been a very positive impact on the winning authors, with many telling how winning has boosted their confidence or how they overcame obstacles to be able to write and submit their stories.

Parish Council Surgeries

Adderbury Parish Council has taken the decision to discontinue the Parish Council surgeries. These have been running on a monthly basis for a number of years, but at most surgeries, no members of the community attend. Therefore, should residents wish to contact the Parish Council, they should do so using the contact details on the Parish Council web site. https://www.adderburypc.co.uk/contact.php

How often do you use Adderbury Stores?

Deepa, Dave and Terry at Adderbury Stores continue to provide the most amazing service to the village. Commuting every day from Northampton they work tirelessly to provide their many customers with their everyday needs and more – all with a lovely smile and their ‘nothing too much trouble’ attitude. At a time when their costs are spiralling surely the people of Adderbury should continue to do at least some of their shopping in our village shop – and not just for newspapers? We have the best shop we have had for years, but Deepa’s message is clear – USE IT OR LOSE IT!

Adderbury Guides

At the end of last term, we were delighted to be able to present our first Guide Gold award to Rebecca McLoone. This award is presented to a Guide who has completed all six of the Theme awards in Guides, and has completed a personal challenge. We celebrated her achievement with cake and balloons, and a slide show of her Guiding life – from her beginning as a Rainbow.

Adderbury Brownies

The leadership team for Adderbury Brownies has expanded, and we’re excited to start our meetings again after the summer break. To fit in with leader commitments, we’ve changed to meet on a Monday, and now meet just before Guides. We meet each Monday in term time, 5.45 pm to 7.00 pm at the Lucy Placket Activity Centre.