West End Tennis Club has a Defibrillator

Banbury West End Tennis and Squash Club have purchased an AED (Automatic Electronic Defibrillator), the first in the village, I understand. The unit is designed to save lives in the event of a heart attack. In order to gain access to the unit, anyone assisting someone in cardiac arrest should phone 999, and the location and code to access the unit will be given to them, as well as instructions on caring for the patient. Now, we fully understand that this unit is remote from many areas in the village, and would expect a village of this size to have one, or two more in various spread out locations.

FOCAL Fundraising Events

FOCAL Car Boot Sales
Our Secretary Peter Britton  is running a car boot stall. He has attended three car boot sales to date and he has raised £300. He hopes to attend one or two more sales and he has some private items to sell as well.
Litter Pick Service
On his actual walking around the village, Peter Britton has introduced a litter pick service. Approximately two or three times each week he will take a litter bag with him on his walk and pick up anything he sees on the verges. If you would like to donate please visit www.walkingforfocal.co.uk.

‘Adderbury Wheels’

Now the nights are drawing in we meet at 6.00 pm on a Wednesday evening. Bring your lights if you have any. We will be moving our start time back even earlier as the light goes but should be OK for a while now  The last Wednesday evening will be 24 October.   We still meet at 9.30 am every Saturday morning, and we always meet outside the library.

Milton Road Sports and Community Centre Progress

The Parish Council is pleased to confirm that its planning application for Change of Use from Agriculture to Sport and Recreation was approved by Cherwell’s planning committee on 23 August. The decision was unanimous from the Councillors.
There are some conditions but this approval will enable the Parish Council, working with WFAC, to move the project forward, with the aim of providing Adderbury residents with a first class village facility.

Vacancy for a Councillor on Adderbury Parish Council

There is a vacancy for a Councillor on Adderbury Parish Council. Being a Parish Councillor in Adderbury gives you a real opportunity to make a difference to the community and it gives you a chance to help make Adderbury an even better place to live.
To find out more about joining Adderbury Parish Council, call Theresa Goss on 01295 710965 or email adderburypc@hotmail.com.
Information about the Parish Council is also available on the PC web site http://www.adderburypc.co.uk/