Over 200 types of Heritage apples trees:
Including the local: Deddington Pippin, Deddington Golden, Davison Seedling, Oxfordshire Greening and North Aston Non Pariel, Blenheim Orange.

Cherries, Plums, Pears and all types of soft fruit also available.
Free full 20 page pdf catalogue. (Email: johoward@metronet.co.uk for a copy)

  • Pruning and renovation of all fruit trees.
  • Saving (grafting up) old trees for future generations.
  • Talks to local groups, schools,  and  gardening clubs on fruit related topics.
  • Orchard Consultations, Planning and Tree selection.
  • Individual and group: pruning, grafting, budding, orchard and conservation  training courses.
  • Training courses run for the Berkshire, Buckingham and Oxfordshire Wildlife   Trust, Aylesbury Council / Greensand Trust, and The Earth Trust.
  • Apple days  (planning, fruit displays, tasting)
  • Founding member of the Mid-Shires Orchard Group
Website: http://www.heritagefruittrees.co.uk/
Email: johoward@metronet.co.uk
Phone: 01295 810516
Mobile: 07950006813