libraryThe Home Library Service is available to people who are unable to visit the library themselves through frailty, short term illness, infirmity or a disability and have no other means of getting access to reading materials.
How it works
Contact us to discuss the kind of books, DVDs, audio books that you like to read or enjoy. We then arrange for a library volunteer to deliver these to you in your home.
Our volunteers wear identification badges and provide a helpful and friendly service. Whenever possible, we try and arrange for the same volunteer to visit you each time.
Your library materials will be delivered and collected every three weeks. The Home Library Service is free of charge, and there is no charge for requests or late returns.
How to register
To register for this service or for further information call the Home Library Service on 01865 810259 or Catherine Drake Adderbury Library Manager on 01295 810545 or email:

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