Adderbury, Deddington and District Photographic Society

We enjoyed a relaxed but fun and informative evening with one of our own talking about gaining his Royal Photographic Society Licentiate (LRPS) and Associate (ARPS) distinctions. John Cavana, ARPS spent many months selecting the panel of ten images to submit for assessment to achieve his LRPS distinction having been encouraged by a fellow member in 2015. The images were not on a particular theme but did have a cohesive link. The aim was to show a variety of techniques and approaches such as macro, landscape, and long exposure. It was an interesting exercise for us to put the images in a presentation order and explain why. Surprisingly, it can make a huge difference to the way a panel is viewed and shown to its best potential.

The LRPS distinction was a panel of fifteen photographs which is more a body of work that is supported by a statement of intent. John chose to use a group of images taken at the Langa township in Cape Town. The group is so emotive and evocative that they can be viewed for a great length of time and there is still more to see. John spent over six years travelling to South Africa and was able to photograph the experience of life in the township with the help of a local photographer. These are honest images that show a harsh environment and obvious poverty. John’s RPS body of work can be seen on the ADDPS website under the Members Gallery section (RPS member panel). Do take a look.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, 7 December at 7.30 pm at The Adderbury Institute. See our website for further details. You can also catch us at Castle Quay on 10 December 9,00 am until 2.00 pm and see our images and talk to us about becoming a member.

Anne Hunsley

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