Adderbury, Deddington and District Photographic Society

First Wednesday evening in each month 7.30 pm in the Apricot Room, Cartwright Hotel, Croughton Road, Aynho, Banbury, OX17 3BE – until things get back to normal these are Zoom meetings

“You can always tell you’re with a photographer, they keep banging on about the light” says Kieran Metcalfe who gave an excellent presentation all about ‘Chasing the light’. He professes to be a ‘sunburst junkie’ and went on to entertain us with a wealth of excellent landscape shots featuring New Brighton on The Wirral, Snowdonia and predominantly The Peak District. Kieran is a sucker for a sunrise and sunset and is a weather watcher too because it helps in his planning for a destination and a shot. Using apps such as and the Skyfire app he can estimate the light opportunities for a particular image. During the evening Kieran gave members lots of tips and technical details about shooting into the sun, dealing with high contrast scenes, sidelight and shooting after dark. Photographers talk of the ‘golden hour’ and the ‘blue hour’ and Kieran showed great examples of images that reflect those times of day. Recently, due to travel restrictions during lockdown, he has focused on local trees and woodland capturing some impressive images with mist and fog to enhance the atmosphere. An inspiring evening encouraged members to visit his website where many of his images can be seen.

January – What a feast for the eyes after the festive break; members were treated to “The Magic of Macro” delivered by Colleen Slater ARPS, a Brighton based full time photographer and lecturer. Lockdown has many downsides but being able to talk to a multitude of experts and enthusiast from around the country has really enhanced the experience and inspired our photography. Macro is the art of extreme close-up photography, capturing minute detail within an image. Colleen had lots of tips and ideas about equipment and the way her images were composed and lit. Her body of work is mainly focused on insects, plants, and flowers but recently she has branched out into photographing things she finds on Brighton beach. All her images are beautifully composed, with exquisite colours and a gentle feeling of shape that she tries to simplify as much as possible. Colleen endures for her art; spending many hours laid in fields or damp bogs capturing a shot of a grasshopper or butterfly which, she makes look effortless. I am sure it is not with many rejected shots relegated to the delete bin.  Do explore her website where the images we saw are displayed.

Our next Zoom meeting will be on Wednesday 3 February at 7.30pm. As always you are welcome to join us and all the details of who to contact for access are on our website.

Anne Hunsley

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Address: Apricot Room, Cartwright Hotel, Croughton Road, Aynho, Banbury, OX17 3BE