Adderbury Cine Club

Non-members: £7 for film night – £19 for meals and reels night
Casual Member: £3 for film night – £15 for meals and reels  (£20 annual membership applies)
This entitles you to the reduced price tickets and priority early booking. You will also receive regular communication from the club, be invited to attend the AGM and are encouraged to let us know what films you would like to see.
Full Member: £40 (including a ticket for each of the 10 films per year) – £12 for meals and reels night.
Membership entitlement as above but with nothing further to pay. Although your seat is guaranteed, it is helpful if you can reserve your place at each film. You can pay for membership at any screening or contact our secretary, Judy Critchfield    You can book tickets at

Contact: Judy Critchfield
Address: The Institute