Workmen’s huts in the graveyard, scaffolding going up the tower – what’s going on??

Well major work is now starting by the contractor Stone Edge to rebuild the badly damaged eastern
parapet, re-lead the parapet gutters, replace gargoyles, repair the belfry louvres, repair the carved
frieze and redecorate the clock faces. Visit the gallery of photos kindly sent by Damian Dyer to see the scaffolding around the church.

The bells will probably have to stop ringing, so a quarter peal will be rung on June 24 to keep them
oiled before lying dormant for about 6 months. The bellringers will keep their band together by
ringing at other towers in the area each week.

Apparently the carillon and clock will continue in operation. The chimes etc are sounded by
hammers which strike the side of the bells, so no vibrations from heavy moving bells.

Details of the fundraising efforts for the £400,000 needed for restoration will be announced in due

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