Good question – Following six weeks’ consultation with villagers and other stakeholders earlier this year, the revised plan was approved by the Parish Council in May and duly submitted to Cherwell District Council.
As we had previously met with them and sought their advice on a number of occasions, we believed that their role in vetting the Plan for legalities and any further issues would be just a formality, before they passed it out for another six weeks’ consultation as expected.
However at the time of writing, ten weeks after the Plan was submitted, CDC have still ‘not had time’ to carry out their vetting process. Our consultant has confirmed to them that in his view the document is fully fit for purpose, but still we wait.
If and when CDC ever find time to carry out their duties, the next six weeks’ consultation would take place, the Plan revised as necessary, and then passed to an inspector to approve or otherwise
Once approved, there would then be a referendum where the village would be asked to vote for the Plan to be adopted by CDC.
Thank you for your forbearance!
Nick Fennell, Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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