West Adderbury Residents’ Association (WARA) conducted a traffic survey over the last six weeks and has published the results. The information has been sent to Victoria Prentice MP for North Oxfordshire.

The full details can be obtained from WARA but the principal findings are as follows:

  • 403 households were contacted during December /January
  • There were 169 responses: 42% of all households in West Adderbury
  • 93% of residents want active measures taken to combat traffic speed
  • 87% want Section 106 funds from housing developers used to pay for traffic calming.

West Adderbury Residents Association are asking Adderbury Parish Council to contribute Section 106 funds to deliver traffic calming measures which they believe would benefit the wider community.

WARA are lobbying the MP and looking for solutions to the traffic concerns.

Further information about the West Adderbury Residents Association can be found here


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