It is so nice to see that the church yard is still kept looking so tidy during this lockdown. I have been walking through there regularly and there is always someone doing part of the grass. This weekend it had a really good cut and it looks fantastic. So thank you to all you mowers it is greatly appreciated.
Sadly there is always another side to this. Dog owners still do not pick up their dog mess in the churchyard when there is a dog bin near the Lych Gate to put it in and it would be even better if they did not mess in the church yard. Someone even tied a poo bag on the foot rail at the back of the church. Can you believe it!

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    We are ,indeed, fortunate to have the setting of our church and churchyard as a central point to our village. Its a lovely walk, taking in the view, crossing the stream and seeing familiar faces. The team of mowers and pruners are amazing and a big thank you to all involved.


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