This year should have seen parades, church services, street parties to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe, the end of the war against Japan is due to be honoured in August.  Early this year Covid 19 stepped in and , for want of a better phrase, tried to spoil the party.  However, the whole country, from the Queen down, refused to play ball, even the weather co-operated.
If anything I think it brought us closer to our relatives from 1945 and has given us a small insight into what they had faced. The main difference of course is that they had a visible enemy, something tangible, we cannot see our enemy.  Click here to see celebration photos kindly sent by Ann Lyons, Val Scarff, Erica Bradfield and Colin Galloway.
Here in Dog Close, and I’m sure in other parts of Adderbury, the bunting and flags were out.
We held a two minute silence outside Colin’s house, all suitably distanced from each other.
Our amended street party went on for the rest of the day, with picnics in front gardens and a loyal toast at 3pm which started at the top of Dog Close and carried on down the road, a bit like a Mexican Wave.
Sylvia, who was 10 when the war ended, brought out her table and chair, also her mother’s teapot, complete with tea cosy!
She said what she remembered most, apart from the street party, was not having to take a gas mask to school anymore.
I am very aware that many people have lost loved ones to Covid 19 and none of us know what the future holds, but just for a few hours, we had an oasis in the middle of all the current problems, and a reminder that , as it did after 1945, life will eventually return to normal and to quote the Queen and Vera Lynn, we will meet again.
From Ann Lyons
Chapel Lane residents celebrated VE Day with great enthusiasm decorating their houses and enjoying afternoon tea in their own front gardens, social distancing being paramount.
It was a glorious sunny day and children and adults thoroughly enjoyed themselves eating their cream teas and cucumber sandwiches. It was lovely to see all our neighbours out and about.
From Val Scarff

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