As newcomers of almost a year in the village, we had no idea what to expect when we took our seats for the Adderbury Theatre Workshop Variety Show. We knew just one cast member and perhaps we’d have to make polite noises and a quick exit?  Absolutely not! We had a brilliant evening, full of tears-to-the-eyes laughter and astonishment at how very good the production and performances were.
Adding a bit of glamour to the evening were the dancers performing to ‘Don’t tell Mama ‘, also from Cabaret. Excellent choreography and well executed.
The comedy sketches were all extremely funny and it’s hard to choose those that really stood out. There was the family picnic that dissolved into panic over poisoning from an out-of-date yoghurt (in this age of rigid consume-by dates!). There was the re-vamped version of the old Monty Python Four Yorkshireman sketch, rivalling each other into absurdity for who had the worst upbringing, made all the more entertaining by some rapid improvisation from the actors. There was also a laughable French-accented magician who had no ability whatsoever to perform any magic at all, ably assisted by equally incompetent apprentices Aud Humphrey and Toni Milns. Worth a mention also was the comically absurd Autumn Leaves sketch, with Ashley Dwyer playing a convincingly temperamental diva and the world’s most idiotic backing singers completely failing to grasp their lines.
Picking out individual performances, Linda Leslie entertained us all with her Irish-accented Ballad of Lidl and Aldi, Wendy Gardner was constantly hilarious, with great comic timing, and she and Elaine Bryant were ridiculously funny in their ‘senior citizen’ attempts at aerobics.
The overall atmosphere was of huge enjoyment, certainly from the audience but also, it seemed, from the cast.  Congratulations to Adderbury Theatre Workshop, Jamie Cox the director, and all cast and crew. Roll on panto time – we’ll be there!

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