CONSULTATION – Berry Hill Road, Milton Road and  The Rise (Adderbury/Twyford) Proposed Speed Limits, Traffic Calming and Parking Restrictions

OCC is seeking your views on the proposals to amend the speed limits on Milton Road and Berry Hill Road on the approach to Adderbury village, which will also be accompanied by complementary traffic calming measures.

Additionally it is also proposed to introduce sections of ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ (double yellow lines) parking prohibitions on the A4260 Banbury Road and The Rise.

Both sets of proposals are being put forward in order to help facilitate the management of vehicles speeds entering the village, and the safe and unrestricted movement of traffic at the junction and to better manage inappropriate parking in the area to help improve road safety.

Specifically the changes comprise of the following proposals: a) extend the existing 30mph speed limit on Milton Road westwards and thereafter introduce a ‘buffer’ 40mph limit, b) increase the existing 30mph limit on Berry Hill Road to 40mph northwards, c) construct chicane features at the proposed 30mph/40mph terminal points on both Milton Road and Berry Hill Road comprising of two kerbed build outs giving priority to traffic exiting the village, and d) introduce new ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ parking restrictions in and around the junction of the A4260 Banbury Road and The Rise.

The proposed Traffic Regulation Order is due to be advertised in the Banbury Guardian newspaper today; Thursday 19 November 2020, and details are available to now view on the Council’s consultation pages at the address below:…/consultation…

As stated on the notice, any objections or other representations on the proposal should be submitted to the County Council by 18 December 2020.

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