‘Till the Boys Come Home’ Remembering those, One Hundred Years On

Voices Across Time invites you to an immersive musical-theatre experience based on the stories and music of the men and women of The Great War.

Celebrations have taken place up and down the country to recognise the 100 year anniversary of the end of the Great War. Local theatre company, Voices Across Time, have written a new show to commemorate this centenary which will be coming to the stage for three performances only on the 19th and 20th October.

‘Till The Boys Come Home’ focuses on young adventurer, Timmy Price, whose thirst for adventure leads him to a Recruitment Station on his 15th birthday. Timmy is too young to enlist but at an age of rebellion, he employs the help of old boy, Harry Lansbury, to fool the recruitment officer and leaves his home and his mother’s overprotective grip to travel to the front line. As the years unfold, Timmy grows into a young man whilst his mother experiences an industry of women for the first time as she and her sister are recruited to work in the new filling factory to support the boys at the front.

Using music and memories, Timmy’s regiment and his family back home maintain camaraderie and bravery whilst they dutifully do their part for King and Country. But as the years continue to tick by, Timmy begins to recognise the realities of his so-called ‘adventure’ and how its’ ending seems to slip further and further away. However, little does Timmy know that Old Boy Harry Lansbury, so previously deluded by the glory of war, has recognised the part he played in bringing this innocent boy’s life into the balance and now vows to return this boy back home at all costs. Both at the front and at home, they all await the moment when the boys come home…

Join us on the 19th and 20th of October in the Adderbury Institute, Oxfordshire to be a part of this story. Told through music and theatre, and featuring some of the most beloved songs of the era such as ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’ and ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ where audience involvement is encouraged throughout and their will be a bar to sooth the singing voices. This night will see the return of Voices Across Time regular Jacob Robinson starring as Timmy Price, alongside Catherine Cook whose debut performance with VaT will see her play the role of Timmy’s mother. After previous sell out shows, ‘Old Boundary Lane’ and ‘I’ll be Home for Christmas’, VaT are excited about approaching this new show which marks such a poignant time in British History and raising money for some very important causes.

When: Friday October 19th (7:30pm) and Saturday October 20th (2:30pm and 7.30pm)

Where: Adderbury Parish Institute, The Green, OX17 3NE

Tickets: Email boxoffice@voicesacrosstime.com or by calling 07532446665

Cost: £12.00

Website: www.voicesacrosstime.com

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