The Korrigan Consort is proud to present a musical tour of St. Mary’s Church, at 7.30 pm.  The title of the concert is Locus Iste: A revelation of treasures of St. Mary’s Adderbury. Performers: Isobel Rose, Emily Gibson, Caroline Lesemann-Elliott, Shannon Miller.  Tickets at £10 can be purchased on the door, or from Trish Fennell on 01295 811059 –

With a rich history spanning from the 13th century to present-day, St. Mary’s has a wealth of architectural and artistic treasures hidden within. It is one of Oxfordshire’s largest and most iconic parish churches, and has witnessed countless events, from the “invention” of Morris Dancing to Royalist conspiracies to the flourishing of Quaker clock-making. Its high-Gothic windows and masonry showcase stunning art, and the crown in the church’s jewel is its 600-year old chancel, to which this concert is dedicated to celebrating.

With the help of the Friends of St. Mary’s Adderbury (FOSMA), an exciting menagerie of music has been compiled to compliment a tour of the church, featuring speaker/historian Anthony Wagg. We hope you will join us for an evening of learning and laughter about this unique gem of rural England!

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