We understand that the proposed plan for chicanes along Milton Road has been delayed for up to two weeks because of a shortage of kerbstones. In the meantime the proposed plan to close off part of the Oak Tree access into /Horn Hill Road has been postponed.  Please read on:

Oxfordshire County Council recently carried out a further consultation exercise regarding the proposal to close the western arm of the oak tree junction. This involved writing directly to those who lived in the vicinity of the closure.

The feedback which the County Council received gave a different view from the views which had been received previously, following the Parish Council’s more general consultation exercises in the village regarding the traffic calming project.

The majority of the responses received objected to the closure for a variety of reasons including that traffic issues on Horn Hill Road would simply be pushed onto Berry Hill Road.

The aim of the proposed temporary closure is to assess if speed is reduced and if safety of the parking near the oak tree is improved, but it is also likely that some vehicles would choose an alternative route along Berry Hill Road and Oxford Road. For this reason, improvements to the main route along these roads had been proposed in advance of the oak tree closure, but these have been delayed from the last financial year into this one.

After careful consideration, the Parish Council decided that the temporary closure would be postponed for a period of up to six months, to enable the new chicanes to be constructed and their impact to be taken into consideration. During this time, data could be gathered to provide evidence of the impact of the chicanes and then a decision could be taken at that time, whether or not to continue with the temporary closure.

It should be noted that there were a number of responses which supported the temporary closure and some which were neutral. However on balance, it was felt that a pause with this element of the road safety project would be the best way forward at the current time.

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