If you are concerned about increasing traffic, speeding cars and vans passing through our village, this is to let you know that there is currently a petition that you can sign at The Bell.   We feel that this should be addressed before there is a major accident as the situation is getting worse.   Ursula McCulloch

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  • D Wood

    Hi Ursula,
    Out of interest who will your petition be submitted to, as traffic issues throughout the whole village are regularly on the agenda and discussed at Parish Council meetings?
    With Adderbury having so many main roads dividing the village, traffic issues are only likely to increase in the future with the number of new homes in Adderbury, Bodicote, Bloxham, Banbury, and Kings Sutton. They all increase the number of vehicles in the area (ie. Aynho Road, Banbury Road, Twyford Road, and Milton Road,) so I doubt there will be much that can be done.
    All these roads have suffered a massive increase in disruption to residents of Adderbury and Twyford. Good Luck with your petition.

  • Sue Davies

    I agree completely, I would like to see a “Village Access Only” sign at either end of the village with possibly a
    20 mph restriction throughout the village. Those who use the village for a rat run do so with little consideration to the give way restrictions expected for the parked cars in the centre of the village. I will most definitely sign the petition and spread the word to neighbours.

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