As part of the Parish Council’s project to try and address speeding in Adderbury, the Parish Council would like to try and obtain information about road traffic incidents and significant near misses in the village, in which speed is believed to have been a factor. Most road traffic incidents are not reported to the police or Oxfordshire County Council, so currently Thames Valley Police does not have records of many of the speed related incidents in the village – including some that have occurred recently. To support our case for further traffic calming and speed enforcement, Mr Allan Ziff has kindly agreed to collate this information. If you have any data which would be useful, please contact Allan on

Also the Parish Council is working hard to identify speed reduction measures for Adderbury and it needs support from residents to continue this good work. One role in particular which needs to be filled by volunteers is to undertake the processing of data which will be captured from a fixed camera, which will be positioned in the village recording details of vehicles and their speed.

The information will be downloaded at Banbury Police Station and volunteers are needed to process the data using the Thames Valley Police computer system. To undertake this role, volunteers will need to go through a vetting process of background checks, which can take up to three months. If you would be willing to undertake this role to support the community in trying to address speeding vehicles in Adderbury, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, Theresa Goss on 01295 71096 or email

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