Outline planning permission for up to 55 dwellings with associated landscaping, open space and vehicular access off Berry Hill Road was refused on 25 May.  Visit Cherwell Planning to see Reasons for Refusal.

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  • MK

    Sarah, do you know anything about the residents association? There is talk on the save adderbury website of sperating the parish into two. Such a shame if this has to happen.

  • Sarah Viggers

    West Adderbury does seem to be a target for the developers. Concerned residents might want to read the articles on www.saveadderbury.co.uk or consider joining the West Adderbury Residents Association at www.westadderbury.com

  • Smv

    I also consider we have more than our share of new homes. Please note
    The need for smaller homes for downsizing, for adderbury residents would be useful. Also really affordable homes for the young of the village that wish to stay instead of having to move elsewhere. If any development goes ahead it should reflect the existing properties.This would keep the community spirit that all residents value.

  • Teresa Wilkinson

    There are five days left – until the end of Thursday 22nd March – to comment on the amended plans for this development. For anyone who didn’t manage to comment on the initial application in December, now is your chance. For those who did, it may be necessary to comment again, in case these amendments cancel out your initial comments.

  • Jim Smith

    This is great news for Adderbury, Banbury and Oxfordshire! We need more housing, and this site is perfect. Is there a way that people can support this proposal?It is so easy to complain, but never the opposite. Let’s embrace the change.
    We all need to look at at the bigger picture. The Local plan has been a joke, with conflicts of interest and issues with councillors. We have all read the information. And ‘Adderbury needs Saving’ (.co.uk not the scam website .com). It needs to support things like this and get its house in order especially with the football field. Another cock up.
    C’mon let’s be brave and embrace the changes. Support the new aspects in the village and the new and exciting times of growth and regeneration, not the dark ages. More houses means more money coming in to the pubs, local shops, charities and local events. Positive thoughts will always over come the negative ones David. Facebook is an example of where new things happen & has showed that, and oh, you are not on that! I rest my case.

  • David Greatworth

    Not sure if this is valid for your site but just trying to spread the word as broadly as possible to give peole an opportunity to object – as a village, we have more than supported development growth with over 180 new homes approved in the past 5 yrs … dont need another 60!

  • David Greatworth

    I assume that the Parish Council have seen this planning application for up to 60 houses on the land to the north of Berry Hill Road (the field where the horses/stables are).

    In my opinion this is totally unacceptable, in no way complies with the Neigbourhood Plan (or indeed the Local Plan policies) and I assume that the Parish Council will be strongly objecting to this application.

    As has been seen in the past, the applicants have been very clever in submitting the application just before Christmas/New Year when residents priorities will be on that rather than writing letters of objection within the required window.

    Looking at the online portal, I can see that this site has been subject of two previous development applications in 2005 / 2006 both of which were refused by CDC (and one at Appeal).

    Do we have any way to get word spread broadly through the village, and especially those parts directly impacted, about this application and encourage people to right letters of objection etc.

    Am not on Facebook but does Adderbury have a page where details could be shared, and people made aware of how they can object?


    • PS

      I would suggest posting on Nextdoor Adderbury ( a community website) as there is an active following.
      We have lived in the village for 2 and a bit years and are amazed at the amount of development that has been allowed to get through, none of which has added to either the character ( which we fell in love with) of the village or the well-being, but hey ho someone makes a lot of money from it !!!

      • Kevin Matlock

        If you fell in love with the village, why deny others the same opportunity?

        • Linda Feeley

          Its a pity, that developers couldnt work with villagers, so that we could work together in providing, the style of homes people would want to live in, Having, solar, rainwater harvesting, low bills, for the younger family homes. Open spaces encouraging, growth of reed beds, ducks, and walk ways, benches, for those to rest and enjoy. There is so much, that has been neglected in the village, lighting, pot holes, flooding issues, ancient, walls being taken down by developers, and putting up crates full of rocks in its place. I would love to see, these walls brought back. gullies, cleared out, and cleaned to take the over flow. These were built years ago, and used to take the extra water away. Theres also a ancient wall that goes from adderbury along the oxford road, falling into disrepair trees growing (over growing over pathways. The pathway, overgrown by years of neglect, in many areas. It would be great to connect to people who might be interested, to help out, and there is a grant availible to help with costs, maybe come together with like minded people who care so much about the village. I also counted, 26, blocked drains from the new, nursing home, to bodicote, an accident waiting to happen! they are so blocked, some have grass growing on top of them. Two have holes around them. Some you can not tell they are there, the mud has dried.

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