Nicholas King Homes is applying (again) to build a 3 bedroom house on Plot 37 of Henge Close. This Plot was originally designated as large green space for community use, and the planning application for the Henge Close development was approved on this basis. It seems very unfair that this developer has sold houses with the promise of a nearby green space, then subsequently applied to build on this green space as soon as contracts were exchanged.  If the developer wanted to put a house on Plot 37, this should have been part of the original Henge Close application.
Community green spaces are very important, not only for wildlife and the environment, but also for our mental health.  Another house on Henge Close brings no benefit to anyone except the developer, who will be able to squeeze a bit more profit from this site.
A number of residents in Twyford and West Adderbury have already objected to this application, and we would encourage everyone to do the same.  The deadline for comments is 23 February 2021 and you can access the online form at Comment on planning application: 20/03687/F – Planning register | Planning register | Cherwell District Council.
Sue Bradley, West Adderbury Residents Association

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