Land South of Milton Road – Perry Tree Farm 
A site visit was carried out by Cherwell District Council in November 2020 to ascertain the current use and future intentions of the occupants.  The land is currently being run as a Christmas tree farm with a number of associated structures including a marquee, containers, septic facilities and a caravan which is occupied for security purposes.
Class B, Part 4 of the General Permitted Development Order allows land to be lawfully used for a temporary use without planning permission for up to 56 days in a given year.  This right also includes the placement of moveable structures associated with the temporary use.  This entitles the owners to continue this temporary use until the middle of January without planning permission.
The land will be revisited in January 2021 by Cherwell District Council to ensure that the temporary use has ceased after 56 days and any structures removed.
A decision will also be made on the lawfulness of the new hardstanding and any other development left in situ.
The owners have been advised about the need to apply for planning permission should they have any intentions to continue a non-equestrian use beyond this time.

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