The Parish Council is aware of the petition submitted to Cherwell District Council from some residents in West Adderbury, requesting a Community Governance Review (CGR).
The District Council has informed those residents that they will comply in due course and normally this would be within 12 months (which should be the 6 April 2021) but in the current situation they cannot confirm that timing. As residents will appreciate, all levels of local government are concentrating on currently dealing with the Covid-19 crisis.
Cherwell District Council will set the Terms of Reference for the CGR and when the District Council does start the Review, the Parish Council will be able to inform residents fully.
The Parish Council has been advised that:  “The first stage in the CGR process is for Cherwell District Council to draw up the terms of reference for the review.  These will then be submitted to a meeting of Full Council in mid-May 2020 for approval and this will be when the process commences.  The Terms of Reference will set out the area for the review and be accompanied by a timetable for the review.”
It is unfortunate that a minority of West Adderbury residents feel they have been left out in some way from decisions for the village.  The Parish Council has always taken all Adderbury residents’ views into consideration and the west of Adderbury has always been well represented on the Parish Council.  Currently four out of twelve Councillors are from the west of the village and until two councillors chose to step down last year, there were five out of twelve.
This development has been supported in two Parish Polls and the Parish Council is confident the development has the support of a majority of the village.
Creation of separate Parish Councils for what is a single rural settlement, would inevitably add to costs for the whole Parish and create confusion and difficulty for many issues covering the whole village.
Cherwell District Council will be carrying out at least two full consultations which will be for the whole of Adderbury and the Parish Council will keep everyone informed.
Further information can be obtained from Cherwell District Council’s web site.
May 2020

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  • Valerie Scarff

    Firstly let me say there is no place called West Adderbury we are the Parish Of Adderbury which includes Twyford.
    I have just read the statement that was presented to Cherwell from a WARA representative.
    I cannot believe that the residents of the West end of Adderbury want to form their own Parish Council – do they all of them?I don’t believe it.
    Yes I too have lived in the village a long time too as the representative stated but for 56 years and not 25 and I also remember when there were two Parish councils and it was a disaster and costly, that is why it was abolished as it was so ridiculous.
    The nerve and audacity of this new committee beggars belief and it is nonsense that their views were ignored by the Parish Council. I have sat in at many meetings and the Councillors from the West were very often abusive and intolerant at meetings when they didn’t get their own way over something. A perfect example of self-interest.
    Just because they did not recognise the overwhelming result of the referendum for the new Community building and Sports Field they threw a strop and resigned.

    We as a village have been one of the best at bringing people together and working as a whole community so for goodness sake let us forget this nonsense and all work together to keep Adderbury as one Parish Council.
    Wara’s actions are elitist and divisive.

    I think it is intolerable to be doing this at this time, when we as a village are all working together ,helping our neighbours, self-isolating and generally trying to get through this awful time.
    The spirit of Adderbury shines through as always.

    • Jason Walker

      I can confirm that this doesn’t represent the views of all ‘west Adderbury’ residents and am equally appalled by the groups audacity to claim to speak for the whole of ‘west Adderbury’ we had no idea that this was being submitted to the district council and I am sure that there are still residents that do not know

      This whole thing is just another attempt to get their own way over something that has been voted for twice that the village as a whole clearly wants as do i.

  • Sue Prentice

    I was shocked and saddened to learn from the Banbury Guardian that the residents of West Adderbury want to have a separate parish council from East Adderbury and Twyford. It is a sad reflection of our comunity that we feel the need for partition. Can there be any hope for a peaceful world when a small community in North Oxfordshire cannot work together for the greater good ? Surely it would be better to work for compromise and harmony, there is enough conflict in the world already.


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