There were apologies from Councillors Cox and Lyons and District Councillors Heath and Bishop.
Mrs Diane Bratt was re-elected Chairman and Mr Keith Mitchell re-elected as Vice Chairman.
Councillors Astley and Gill resigned from the Parish Council with immediate effect and left the meeting.
Chairman’s Announcements
The PC welcomed the appointment of Reverend Liz Simpson and looked forward to her arriving in Adderbury in early September.
Councillors Cox and Rye were thanked for painting the village gateways.
Mr Millier was thanked for conducting the survey regarding the village shop
Damage had occurred to the wooden posts which border Dog Close and the Lucy Plackett Playing field.  A quotation for repairing them would be obtained.
There had been a suggestion to move the Silent Soldier to another location in the village and this would be discussed at the next PC meeting after councillors had given the matter some thought.
Rupert and Anne Golby were thanked for planting a new tree behind the bus shelter in Cross Hill Road and for planting a wild flower area around it.

Open Forum
Matters brought to the attention of the PC included the revised siting of the entrance to the proposed new sports facility on Milton Road.  The new entrance was regarded as unwise due to the already dangerous speeding traffic in the area and the close proximity to the entrance to Adderbury Fields.
It was noted that the police had been carrying out speed checks in Berry Hill Road with worrying results.

Reports from County and District Councillors
County Councillor Arash Fatemian  reported that more than 93% get their first choice of primary school for 2019 which was above all recent national averages across the UK.
Residents in Oxfordshire were already benefiting from the impact of an ambitious and innovative new partnership between CDC and OCC who had set up a joint working partnership in 2018.
Local recycling centres including Alkerton, Ardley had had essential deep cleaning and maintenance at their sites during May.
District Councillor McHugh stated that he was pleased about the Berry Hill Road speed survey.  He was trying to establish a slot at the Parish Liaison meeting.
There had been a complaint about untoward activity at the building site at 41a Rochester Way and a temporary stop notice had been issued giving the developer 28 days to make representation to the council.

No observations had been made by the PC in respect of the following applications:
Mr Thomson – Woodbine Cottage, East End
Barwood Homes Ltd – OS Parcel 3491 North of Adderbury Court, Oxford Road
Mr Richard Gibbs – 2 Deene Close
Ms Owen – Little Manor, Manor Road
Mr Welsh – Millway House, High Street
Objections had been raised relating to:
Mrs B Biggam – land east of The Leys (this planning application has since been withdrawn)
Currently under consideration was
Graham Appleton – Ridgeway Lodge, Manor Road

An update on the progress of the application to CDC for the change of use of the land from agriculture to leisure and sport/recreation was given.
The archaeological report following the excavations had been forwarded to CDC to request determination of the last of the pre-commencement conditions, no 5.  CDC were discussing with OCC’s archaeology department.
Latham Architects have completed the initial concept plans for the Community building. These will form the basis of the Pre-App meetings with CDC and the specification for appointment of an architect for the Planning application for the building.  Following the agreement at the March Parish Council meeting to allow a Quantity Surveyor to be appointed for this initial stage a specification for this work has been produced to obtain more detailed costs.
The Chairman had begun discussions with DW Clark to commence preparations for the pitch area once pre-conditions 5 has been determined .This report was accepted in full and it was agreed that the Chairman and Clerk continue to progress the discharging of conditions 5, progressing of the pitch area and continuing the management of the land. They would also, with the architect begin full Pre-App discussions with CDC and would agree the specifications to obtain quotes for the QS’s initial budget cost plan and agree the specifications to obtain quotes for the next stage of the Architect’s work.
Councillors were encouraged to send to the Chairman any comments they may have regarding the plans and it was suggested that a meeting between Parish Councillors and WFAC committee members be held.
Regarding the Oxfordshire Neighbourhood Plan network, there would be further meetings and the PC would be kept informed.

Village Matters
FOCAL:  Fund raising continued.  Residents and Councillors were encouraged to look at the FOCAL website, dot org or Contact for details of events.  The search for a Secretary was continuing.  Support from Parish Councillors at events would be appreciated.
WFAC Report: WFAC was delighted that for the second time the village has heartily endorsed the building of a new Community Centre, Sport and Recreational facility on the Milton Road. WFAC hosted an event at the Institute on 11 May where they were able to show progress so far via a selection of storyboards. It was also an opportunity to discuss proposals for traffic calming and to start a dialogue with the village regarding ideas for Lucy Plackett Playing Field. An estimated 60 people had attended. The Milton Road story boards and were now in the library. A series of fundraising events were planned including on 1 June Classical Summer Spectacular in St. Mary’s Church and on 15 June they are hoping to be at Party in the Park working in conjunction with Adderbury Football Club serving picnic/afternoon teas. On a less positive note, their application for charity status has been rejected which would impact on some future plans.
Village Shop:  Discussions regarding the closure of the village shop continued and the working group was accepted by the PC to take the issue forward taking into consideration the findings of the survey that had recently been conducted.

Parish Council Matters
The result of the Parish Poll had shown that:
It was noted that the village agreed with the PC decision to support new Sports and Community facilities on the Milton Road and to use the Section 106 funds already allocated for this project.
It was noted that the village does not want the PC to ask OCC to carry out a formal consultation with all residents on the introduction of traffic calming measures to reduce speed of traffic on village roads.
It was noted that the village does not want Section 106 funds allocated to the Milton Road project (or any other project) to be reallocated to traffic calming.
It was also agreed that contact should be made with Victoria Prentis MP highlighting the potential mis-use of Parish Polls and whether legislation could be changed to address this.

Recorded Votes
It was agreed that the procedure for the use of recorded votes should be tightened up.

Parish Council Surgeries
Matters brought to the attention of the PC were molehills in the cemetery and traffic calming.

Health and Safety:  Inspections at The Lakes, The Rise were in order and Lucy Plackett Play area had still to be checked.

Nature Reserve at the Old Railway Embankment:  The PC Chairman had met with Jeremy Sacha (of Sacha Barnes Ltd) to discuss establishing a nature reserve at the old railway embankment.  A detailed report had been received from Mr Sacha which would be considered.

Adderbury Feoffees:
A report from the PC representative Councillor Jelfs, was noted and she gave a brief explanation of the charity.

Damaged Royal Lime Tree in the Playing Field
Having taken advice, it was agreed to leave the damaged tree in place and retrain a new leader when one appeared.

Next Meeting: 25 June 7.30 pm Church House



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  • Councillors Rod Head and Victoria Head

    At last night’s Parish Council meeting Councillors Tony Gill and Colin Astley tendered their resignations.
    It should be acknowledged that they have both given long and dedicated service to the village and should therefore be thanked publicly.

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