The Annual Parish Meeting was held in the Methodist Hall.  There were apologies from Councillors Clarke, Jelfs, Lyons and District Councillor McHugh.

Chairman  Mrs Diane Bratt welcomed the well-attended meeting and the minutes of last year’s meeting were approved.

She then introduced the speaker Carol MacKay, County Emergency Planning Officer who gave a very interesting and enlightening talk about the plans for the county in the event of any major emergency that should arise.

She highlighted many aspects of this eventuality that most people possibly hadn’t considered such as keeping a small container in the fridge at home that contained all emergency details of family contacts, any medical history and prescription medicines, also the availability of information leaflets informing what to do in an emergency, information cards relating to flooding and many other aspects of emergencies including funds that were available to help make the village more resilient in the event of an incident.  All this information was available from the County Council website.

The Chairman then gave a lengthy and very informative report covering such matters as the Neighbourhood Plan, the Lakes, Planning applications, Section 106 funds, The Friends Meeting House, Judicial Reviews, Hoey Ainscough Report, Traffic Calming and many other village matters that had arising over the past year.  She concluded by thanking both the Clerk and Councillors for all their dedication to their duties over the past year.

There were then reports from both County and District Councillors all of which, including the Chairman’s report are available on the Parish council website for information.

The Chairman was thanked for all the time and effort she dedicates to the tasks as Chairman of the Parish council.

The meeting concluded with coffee and biscuits.

Following the successful meeting there are now a number of useful leaflets for residents, available on the PC web site, on the ‘Community Emergency Planning’ page. There are leaflets about Business Continuity for home workers and small businesses, a snow guide, hedges and tree, preparing to evacuate and many more. Please visit the PC web site for more details

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