“Now that the protective hedge has been removed to expose them in all their glory, can someone please explain to me how such ugly and inappropriate houses on Milton Road (north) were ever granted planning permission.  Trish Fennell”

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  • Mrs J Simester

    We live on the David Wilson estate and have to face these unattractive houses and were upset when they decimated the hedgerow. All the birds and wildlife we saw in our first 12 months here have now vanished. I appreciate that ‘our’ estate must have been difficult for the residents of the neighbouring road and I fully understand their feelings. However, at least David Wilson have landscaped the surrounding land and made it into an attractive park like feature, away from the kerb. These houses are in a straight row, red brick, horrid white windows and no frontage, on top of having a low hedge line. We are now having to face the prospect of a football club too, neither the developers or our solicitor warned us about these developments. Lesson learned I guess!

  • David Taylor-Evans

    Imagine how attractive they will look illuminated by the adjacent floodlights of the proposed football pitches ….. perhaps the village should sell this developer more land to build houses so that they can repeat the luminous red welcome to the village – oh hang-on that’s exactly what the APC are proposing to do according their latest meeting minutes and the planning application currently being evaluated by CDC. Yes you did read that correctly …. the plan is to sell a section of the community land to extend this development.

  • James Young

    To clarify my prior post- I mean to say that the current planning officers and the pc cannot materially alter an approved scheme. I do belive they have tried.

  • Jan May

    The addition of small panel windows make these buildings look like a prison, which other houses in this area have these?
    Come on Parish Council in this, what was a beautiful village, surely better looking buildings could be built.

    • Andy Green

      As I said below to Mrs Bradley and now to you Ms May – this is NOT a Parish Council matter. Your issue is with the planners at Cherwell District Council. You are unlikely to get anywhere with the Parish Council as they are not the planning authority and have no more say on the matter than you or I.

  • James Young

    The site was consented by CDC in summer 2014.

    The Conservation Officer responsible at the time made the below comment to the Planning Officer responsible. I believe the current officers at CDC have done their best but they (nor the PC!) can materially alter the detailed consent.

    From: Claire.Sutton@Cherwell-DC.gov.uk
    Subject: RE: 14/00250/F – land north of Milton Road, Adderbury
    Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2014 16:39:38 +0000
    Hi Rebecca
    Having had a chat with Clare, we’re ok with the majority of the scheme now. I think Clare gave
    verbal comments rather than written ones due to time constraints.
    We would like a bit more work on plots 24 and 31 – the two most visible properties and the
    ‘bookends’ to the front of the development. The feeling is that the perpendicular rear
    projections need to be more subservient – dropped in ridge height and narrower. This could in
    turn allow more light to the stairwells.
    This is a really small change but would make a big different to the two main places where the
    site will be most visible as an entrance and in the setting of other historic buildings.
    In this way, combined with the retained open space on either end of the development, the
    impact on the historic environment should be reduced.
    The use of brick and stone is necessary to ensure the transition between the historic part of the
    site to the east, and the more modern elements of the village. This development would
    effectively be a new entrance to the village, and therefore needs to reference both old and new.
    This is an extremely difficult design balance, hence the relatively modern houses with some
    traditional features and a mixture of materials.
    I would like quite a few conditions including window joinery, surfacing, materials (and sample
    panel), enclosures, restriction on extensions if possible (due to the amount of work that has
    already gone into the design).

    • Peter Burrows

      Old blending with the new?

      There was no new till you lot came along.

      What utter tosh!


      Just as well the Vicar is not holding a tea party!

      • Denise Mobbs

        I completely agree that the Nicholas King development has ruined what was a lovely open rural entrance to the village. The houses are ugly and not in keeping at all . It was bad enough to have the, (who came up with the in very poor taste) named Adderbury Fields development opposite, fronted by new houses without chimney stacks which look unfinished and again not in keeping with housing already in the village. I mentioned this observation to a very long standing member of Adderbury Parish Council who replied that they “had not noticed” !.
        The David Wilson homes being constructed before the entrance to Deddington are constructed of stone with chimney stacks. The new houses going up at Cotefield in Bodicote are being built next to existing, fairly modern red brick houses but are stone and again with chimney stacks. There does not appear to be any consistency regarding planning or what is appropriate or sympathetic to the existing area with conservation in mind… I think Adderbury has drawn a particulary short straw regarding the ongoing, permanent alteration of our beautiful and historic village…

        • M Davies

          I concur with Mrs Mobbs that the new housing development
          on the Milton Road is a complete eyesore.
          Adderbury fields was a step too far, but these red brick boxes
          look horrendous.
          Now the area is to be ruined further by building a community centre
          and 2 football pitches and a huge car park, which are to be paid
          for partly by the building of more houses???
          Adderbury is no longer the lovely village it once was but is
          becoming an ugly urban sprawl and will soon be connected to
          Bodicote and Bloxham.
          Further more the APC wants to sell fully utilised central village
          amenities, such as the Institute to pay for the development
          alongside the development of more houses. What will happen to
          those buildings??
          As for those who insist the only people who object to the plans
          live nearby. I am sure if they lived nearby they would also be
          The Milton road is a race track and very busy at the best of times.
          Children have been dodging cars to catch school buses for years
          and there is still no zebra crossing.
          Imagine over 100 cars in and out every Saturday and Sunday.
          There is also no walkable footpath along the road either.
          Who will pay for that and how far will it stretch.
          Will there be a crossing? Volume of traffic will increase at all
          times of day everyday as the community building is used for
          various groups.
          If there is so much money available in the APC kitty why can’t it
          be spent on improving the facilities at Lucy Plackett and
          putting in proper drainage and flood prevention.
          Most people can walk to Lucy Placket. Everyone will have to drive
          to the Milton road. How environmentally friendly is that?
          I understand the need for facilities for young people but there
          must be better ways of achieving it, than creating huge car parks,
          destroying heritage and generally building on all open spaces
          in the village.
          I do also wonder if anyone is set to gain financially from this
          besides the building companies.

  • Susan Bradley

    Couldn’t agree more, Trish. The Nicholas King development has completely wrecked this entrance to the village. But have you seen the house on the corner (we call it the Frankenstein house) – it’s half bright red brick, half Hornton stone – but the red brick faces outwards!! What a monstrosity!
    I can’t believe that the Parish Council haven’t done anything about this yet, it’s still being built, after all.
    But then I suppose if we complain it’s just people from West Adderbury being “nimbys” again, isn’t it?

    • Andy Green

      Sorry Mrs Bradley, but what on earth can the Parish Council do about it. This is a Cherwell planning issue. Have you taken it up with your District Councillors?

  • Joyce Cox

    It would be so good to know where the appalling decision not to insist on the use of Hornton stone was made.

  • Carrie Armstrong

    Is the same ugly red brick going to appear in the new development on the Oxford Road, north of Adderbury Court, as well?

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