Specialist palliative care services.

Supporting those with life-limiting illnesses whose disease is not responsive to curative treatment, the Katharine House Hospice serves a community of approximately 150,000 people in Oxfordshire and South Northamptonshire with Hospice care and a Community Nursing team.

The aim of hospice care is to improve the lives of people with life-threatening illness of any diagnosis, whose disease is not responsive to curative treatment.  Hospices provide care for people from the point at which their illness is diagnosed as advanced, to the end of their life, however long that may be.  Hospice care emphasises quality of life and therefore places a high value on dignity, respect, and the wishes of the person who is ill.

Hospice care provides for the patient’s medical, emotional, social, practical, psychological and spiritual needs.  Care also extends to the family and all who are close to the patient.   This care is delivered into the bereavement period.

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