Gill Randall Grad Dip Phys HCPC registered. Also registered for complementary treatments of Connective Tissue Therapy and Chakra-puncture. Experienced in treating long-term conditions, whiplash, neck pain and sports’ injuries.

As we are experiencing these turbulent changing times and becoming confined to our houses, it’s important to look after the physical body. You will probably not be moving as much as you normally do, and the body soon misses the movement and this can make you feel sluggish and lethargic. A few regular gentle exercises can make all the difference to how you feel.  So I am going to post a weekly tip to support you.

Tip of the week
If you are working from home on the computer, observe your posture. You may have a very good office chair, or you may be using an old dining chair but the most important thing is to sit yourself upright in the chair. Imagine you are a puppet with the string at the crown of your head drawing you up tall, and maintain that position. Keep both feet flat on the floor while you are working. When you lean forwards to the keyboard, move forwards at the hips to bring the whole body forwards rather than slump the body or lean on your elbows. This way you keep the head and spine in line. Do not work from your laptop sitting on the settee!

Please use your common sense and do not continue any advice given if you are experiencing any pain. Contact me for a 20 minute free session for advice if needed.

While we are in this present situation, please see what is available to you below, and contact me if you would like to access any of the services.

1) I am offering free support of 20 min sessions by telephone, Whats App, Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom to anyone who feels socially isolated and just wants to chat, or advice for people to have a physical problem and cannot access physiotherapy services at present. If you have been unwell, you can contact me for advice for getting your fitness levels back again.
2) I am also running individual 40 min sessions of treatments on these same platforms at a reduced rate of £35. I will be able to provide you with specific advice for your problem and exercises for you to practice.
3) Also on offer, I am planning to run video sessions of graded exercise groups in your own home. This will be 40 min classes, run weekly for 4 weeks, of exercises from seated chair exercises for the less fit, to gentle graded exercise classes for the younger stronger population at a cost of £20.
4)There will also be video sessions of relaxation classes of 40 mins running weekly for 4 weeks at a cost of £20.
My contact details to book a time slot or a class are 01295 812552, or by email

Contact: Gill Randall
Phone: 01295 812552
Address: Oak Tree Cottage, Berry Hill Road, Adderbury OX17 3HF