We were treated to an encyclopaedic view of wildflowers, trees and fungi by Colin Lamb, ARPS in his talk about the Art of Plant Photography. Using depth of field to achieve separation between the subject and the background Colin showed a range of images exploring different aspects and directions to create an interesting image. Orchids look amazing when you get down to their level. When photographing trees, whilst the leaf litter can look untidy it does give texture and context for the time of year. Patience on a windy day is a virtue.

Black and white images can work well despite the temptation to show off the beautiful colours with all things wild. Nature is an amazing image maker if you look carefully and explore. Colin enjoys this genre, and it is clear from his wonderful images that he has mastered it as a subject.

We welcomed the new year with a look back at our favourite images from 2022. The range of genres from landscape to studio portraits, street, architectural, wildlife and action shots were all covered. It was interesting to hear the recounts of the memories the shots invoked. It was a veritable tour around the world. I do urge you look at the photographs featured on our website as our favourites from 2022. We also welcomed five guests to our first meeting of the year. Hopefully we can encourage them to become members soon.

The next evening with a guest speaker, Scarlet Page, accomplished portrait photographer, will be on Wednesday 1 March at 7.30 pm. Before then we will have Mick Brittain talking about Photoshop and how that influences his photography on Wednesday 1 February at 7.30 pm at Adderbury Institute. Do have a look on our website for further details.

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