The appearance of this development is extremely sensitive as the gateway to Adderbury immediately before the conservation area.

Disappointingly, as you can now see, these houses are being built in a rather bright red brick – possibly similar to those as you approach Bloxham? – when most villagers expected Hornton stone on the outward facing properties and brick out of view as you approach the village – such as has been successfully achieved in the Adderbury Fields and Aynho Road developments.

This new site would now appear to bear little relationship to the images presented at the original public consultation, which brings into question the effectiveness of the whole planning process with CDC

It seems that despite various discussions with CDC, the development is too far advanced to rescue the situation – but hopefully some satisfactory middle ground can still be achieved if the Parish Council and individual villagers can protest quickly and effectively enough.


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  • W. Hepworth

    Welcome to Adderbury J. Simester.
    I’m in total agreement with you about the horrid red brick houses being built opposite Adderbury Fields.
    I’ll take bets no one stops the ugly red brick houses being built, or the existing ugly red brick houses being demolished. This is Adderbury…

    • M.Sykes

      Why on earth were the builders allowed to use this dreadful red brick, the gateway to Adderbury is now more like a council estate. Those people who closed their eyes to this site should hang their heads in shame, our beautiful village is being downgraded.

  • J Simester

    We are opposite these unattractive houses and were not even told that this land would be built on by our developer or solicitor when we purchased our property. When we became aware of the development we had already moved in and were unable to change anything. We were, however, reassured by their apparent use of Hornton stone. We are in fact looking at a row of terraced, bright red brick houses built on the roadside with no landscaping and with their windows staring right into ours. We are really not happy about it and our neighbours feel the same.

  • Philip Le Mare

    Come on Keith, what are you going to do about it?

  • Carrie Armstrong

    Nicholas King Homes have charming pictures of Adderbury Village on their website to promote their development on the Milton Road. Each of the three rolling images they have used show old buildings in the village, whose beauty is enhanced by the use of Horton Stone. Using stone architecture to promote their ugly red brick houses seems so wrong. Developers will always use the cheaper material, so who let them use brick?

  • Ian Asbury

    Suggest Joyce contacts newly elected (by 4 vote margin) Cllr Mitchell who in his campaigning literature claimed that “the quality of new housing has been pretty good and in keeping with our fine architecture.”

  • Joyce Cox

    Who on earth at CDC agreed to this planning application without specifying the use of Hornton stone? Shame on them.

  • Peter Burrows

    Go for it then Keith!!

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