Adderbury Wheels are celebrating their three years of riding through the rain, wind, snow and even this summer’s beautiful sunshine.

The friendly group meet on Wednesday evenings for 6.30 pm start (from early April to when the clocks go back in October) and EVERY Saturday. They always meet outside Adderbury library.

You need, preferably, a hybrid or basic mountain bike or just a normal bike but not a “road racing” thin wheeled one. The group mainly go off road along firm, well used cycle paths and bridleways on well known routes going out from the village. They have over 10 different routes.

The riders’ ages range between 13-73.  So everyone is welcome, from teenagers with parental permission through to riders who are retired but want to keep fit. Riding at a nice relaxed pace they often finish with a lovely summer evening drink at one of the village’s pubs.

6.30 pm on Wednesday (1-1.5 hours)
9.30 am on Saturday (1-1.5 hours)

Not for extreme downhill riders or speed junkies! Great for those who want to get fit, have a social ride without large costs in the great outdoor green gym!!

We carry a spare inner tube and can fix punctures on the ride which very rarely happens.

And remember its FREE to come.  Email if you need more information.

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