Virtual Walk: Land’s End to John O’Groats. – WHERE IS PETER?
So, on my virtual walk, having left my last resting place of just north of Carrbridge, I have now reached the dizzy heights of Inverness. And that means I now only have 147 miles to go until I reach John O’ Groats.
Peter has now left Adderbury but he continues to post updates to his blog at where you can also donate your money in appreciation of his efforts to raise awareness for Adderbury Library and raise money towards its annual upkeep. He has already raised and had pledged about £450 but he is looking to double this so he can reach his target of one pound raised for every mile walked. That’s 45 additional people donating £10 each. Can you be one of these people? You can help him on his way by visiting his website at Catch up on where he is by reading his weekly blog entries, and then show your support by clicking on the Donate button and make a payment. Every single penny goes into the FOCAL bank account and helps the charity fulfil its pledge to raise £10k every year to ensure the local library remains open.

Virtual Car Boot Sale – During the winter months Peter is also doing a ‘virtual’ car boot sale.   If you have an unwanted item of value, and you are happy to donate the sale proceeds to FOCAL, please contact Peter at who will be happy to try to sell the item online for you.

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