Virtual Car Boot Sales

During the winter months, if you have an unwanted item of value, and you are happy to donate the sale proceeds to FOCAL, please contact Peter at who will be happy to try to sell the item online for you.

Virtual Walk: Land’s End to John O’Groats. WHERE IS PETER?

Continuing his trek northwards, Peter spent his “virtual” Christmas in the small town of Biggar in South Lanarkshire. His progress in December has been subdued as his wife had her second knee replacement operation of 2018 and so his actual walking has been limited to small local routes around the village. A new year’s resolution will change all this, and he has vowed to increase his weekly mileage  by doing at least one longer walk every week in addition to his normal daily strut, especially as Google Maps is telling him he still has a further 312 miles to go before he reaches John O’ Groats.

You can help him on his way by visiting his website at Catch up on where he is by reading his weekly blog entries, and then show your support by clicking on the Donate button and make a payment. Every single penny goes into the FOCAL bank account and helps the charity fulfil its pledge to raise £10k every year to ensure the local library remains open.

Peter is hoping to raise the equivalent of £1 for every mile walked. This is an ambitious target, but the library serves about five thousand people, and if fifty of those people pledged just 2p per mile the target is achieved. He even throws in a twice-weekly litter pick on his rounds, so recognise his efforts, dig deep, and make that donation.

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