FOCAL Car Boot Sales
Our Secretary Peter Britton  is running a car boot stall. He has attended three car boot sales to date and he has raised £300. He hopes to attend one or two more sales and he has some private items to sell as well, so the amount raised to date will increase. He would like to take this opportunity to thank all those local people who have donated their “stuff” to make this fund-raising event possible.

Litter Pick Service
On his actual walking around the village, Peter Britton has introduced a litter pick service. Approximately two or three times each week he will take a litter bag with him on his walk and pick up anything he sees on the verges. He has started with tidying up Berry Hill Road from where the houses end down to the Oxford Road, and he is currently working his way down the east side of the main Oxford Road. Naturally he is not doing this for love. He is trying to raise funds for the library. So, anyone who wishes to donate, just click on the Donate button on his website, choose the option that suits you best, and action your donation –

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