As the one-hundredth anniversary of the First World War draws to a close, Adderbury History Association is putting on an exhibition over the Armistice weekend to commemorate the role that all village people played during the conflict.
Although Adderbury folk were living in a Midlands village far away from the front-line battles, no-one remained untouched by what was happening in the war. The exhibition attempts to present a picture not just of the men who served but of all the Adderbury people and their contribution to the war effort, from the men too old to fight or exempted for other reasons to the women and children.
It will give a feeling for the part they played in fund-raising whilst trying to maintain stability and the economy on the home front. Photographs, pictures, memorabilia and original documents combine to show what life was like during the chaos of 1914 – 1918.
The exhibition will take place in the Methodist Schoolroom on Saturday 10 November between 11.00 am and 5.00 pm, and Sunday 11 November between 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm.

The exhibition is free to all, although there will be the opportunity to make a donation to the British Legion if you so wish. Refreshments will be available.

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