There were apologies from Councillors Astley, Clarke and Griffiths.
Chairman’s Announcements:  Recycling Bins – Oxford Road.  To note that the issue of fly tipping had not improved and the request had been made to CDC for the textile recycling bins to be removed.
LAPLEAP Community Areas, Adderbury Fields.  A site meeting had been held with CDC and works were required before consideration could be given to the PC taking responsibility for the site.
The new play equipment had been installed at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field and The Rise and the 106 monies would be released once there is agreement that the PC is satisfied with the installation.
Open Forum:  Matters brought to the attention of the PC was residents’ concern of the proposed fence removal between Adderbury Fields and St Mary’s Road and the issue of anti social behaviour in AF and also the continued poor visibility at the exit of Gracewell Care Home onto the Oxford Road.  The Clerk will make enquiries.
County and District Councillors Reports:  These were noted
Planning: No observations had been made by the PC in respect of the following applications:
Mrs Harris – 4 Church Close
Mr John Eades – Grasslands, 9 Oxford Road
Mr Colin Galloway – Riverside, 17 Dog Close
Mr Stuart Heritage – 50 Walton Avenue, Twyford
KJ Cherry & Sons Ltd – Franlow Knob Farm, Banbury Lane, Kings Sutton
Mr Graham Osborne – The Bridge House, Horn Hill Road
Mr Edward Southall – Street Record, Lambourne Way
Mr and Mrs Walker – Chemin de Fer, Horn Hill Road
Mrs Caroline Rathbone – Holly House, Manor Road
Mr and Mrs Pinder Hujan – Manor Fields Farm, Manor Road
Rev. Stephen Fletcher – St Mary’s Church, Mill Lane
Objections had been raised concerning:
Mr and Mrs Tolson – Briarwood, Berry Hill Road
Mr Smith – Arboretum House, Horn Hill Road
Mrs Theresa Goss – Lucy Plackett Playing Field, Round Close Road
South Northants Pre- Submission Draft Local Plan Part 2 Consultation/Cherwell Valley Silos:  The consultation ends on 10th November 2017.  Councillor Astley’s notes were noted.
Finances:  The Accounts for Payment were approved.
The External Audit Report 2017/18 was agreed.
The appointment of Arrow Accounting as Internal Auditor 2017/18 was agreed.
Deddington Day Care Centre:  Councillors were generally in favour of supporting a request for funding from DDCC which is attended by Adderbury Residents.  However the Clerk will ask for more information and report back to the next meeting.
The new play equipment had been checked and independently checked.  The Clerk will check with the insurance company as to whether any further safety signs are necessary.  Thanks were extended to Councillor Jelfs for all her hard work in researching the new play equipment and it was agreed that Councillors Bratt and Griffiths could sign the legal agreements relating to the release of Section 106 funds from CDC for the project.
PC Matters:
At last month’s PC Surgery matters brought to the attention of PC were: provision of dropped kerbs to enable wheelchair and mobility scooters easier access onto the road; Wheelie bins not being returned to the LPlackett  buildings; traffic and parking associated with school pick up time in Adderbury Court; Vandalism that had occurred while the new play equipment was being installed.
Health and safety:  There were no issues at The Rise, Lucy Plackett or The Lakes.
Working for Adderbury Community (WFAC):  The minutes of the inaugural meeting were noted and a response to the request for access across the Milton Road Lane by Ball Colegrave Ltd for a charity event in July 2018 was deferred until the end of February as at this stage it was unknown what drainage or other work may be being carried out on this land at this time.
Village Matters:
ANP:  The consultation period had commenced on the Neighbourhood Plan and the deadline for comments is Friday 24th November 2017.
The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Wednesday 11 April 2018.
A very encouraging report on the Forest School Project at Christopher Rawlins School was noted.
FOCAL:  The AGM had recently taken place.  There had been a meeting the OCC at which the Partnership Working Agreement was extended to 2020.  Consultation about opening hours was ongoing as was the use of Section 106 monies.  Fundraising activities continue and next year’s programme was currently being planned.  A full list of events could be found on
Advice was being sought on the possibility of a cycleway/walkway from Adderbury to Bodicote.
Following a request for line markings to be put outside the veterinary surgery and Church House it was agreed that the work would be done at a cost of £300.
It was considered that it would be impossible to enforce an alcohol free zone at the land to the rear of Adderbury Court.  It was suggested that the residents would be asked if they would consider the installation of a light that might deter anti social behaviour.
Work to cut back the hedgerow and brambles in the play area at the Lucy Plackett play area was already in hand.
A request for Party in the Park to use the Lucy Plackett Playing Field on 16 June 2018 was granted.
Next Meeting:  28 November – Church House – 7.30 pm

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