Chairman’s Announcements:  There had been discussions with OALC on whether Councillors were prepared to have open meetings again from May onwards but it was their preference to continue with Zoom meetings for the time being.  The Clerk would facilitate this request.
Some damage had occurred at the amenity area at Sydenham Close and this would be repaired shortly.

Open Forum:  Matters arising in Open Forum included a complaint regarding the erection of a pagoda style building at the Lake House area and ill feeling between them and local residents; there had been a number of walls falling down in the village during the winter, a lot which were adjacent to public footpaths and raised serious public safety issues; the delay until June of traffic calming improvements in Milton Road and Berry Hill Road – should the cost savings of this delay take preference over safety issues? And further enquiries over starting dates for access to the Milton Road project and whether it would be possible for the public to have sight of the proposed plans and lastly enquiries about the installation of drainage on this site.

Planning:  No observations had been made by the PC in respect of the following applications:
Mayfield House, 8 Lake Walk
51 Walton Avenue, Twyford
Cross Hill House,  Cross Hill Road
Cobb Cottage, 5 Mill Lane
Lauriston, Twyford Gardens, Twyford
Land on the North side of Nell Bridge House, Aynho Road
Old Marks, East End
Lake House, Lake Walk
Reynard House, Manor Road
Wharf Barn, Twyford Road, Twyford
8 Margaret Road, Twyford
Beacon House, Horn Hill Road
The Old Mill House, Mill Lane
Moorey Cottage, High Street
Park Farm House, Oxford Road

Objections had been raised concerning:
Lane East of The Leys

Observations had been raised concerning:
OS Parcels 3309 and 4319 adjoining and north of Milton Road

Currently under consideration
Westway House, Horn Hill Road
11 Meadow View
10 Twyford Gardens, Twyford
25 Kemps Road, Twyford
The Grange Manor, High Street

WFAC:  Sadly all fundraising activity up to the end of August had had to be postponed but WFAC were pleased to announce that on 18th September there would be a Community Day – please contact Jackie Head: to book a pitch or volunteer to help, and in addition there would be an Autumn Ball on Saturday 20 November to be held at Bo Peep Farm.  More details and ticket prices to follow.

Traffic Calming:  Work on the chicanes in Berry Hill Road and Milton Road had been put back by 10 weeks and was now scheduled for June.  The consultation on the closure of the Oak Tree spur into the village had gone ahead.  The temporary closure would last 18 months to assess its success. Travel companies were supportive and June was looking the likely time for the work to be carried out.  Road markings will also be starting imminently.

Milton Road Community Project: A report was received updating the PC on the progress of the new community and sport facilities.  The grass for the pitches was growing well.  Residents were reminded that there was no public access to the field during the ongoing construction phase. The field drainage was working efficiently.  The PC had now applied to CDC for a Section 73 Revision of condition 2 to enable minor changes in the position and layout of the building.  Consultants had been appointed for dealing with archaeology and for further drainage requirements.  They would also provide an independent analysis of the current pitch drainage including the infiltration basin.  WFAC were continuing to research specific grants for different elements of the build and were continuing to plan events for 2021.  The recommendations in the report were accepted.

Annual Parish Meeting:  A reminder that this will be held on Zoom on Wednesday 14  April at 7.30 pm.  Joining instructions will be publicised on the PC website and any questions prior to the meeting should be submitted to the Clerk as soon as possible.

Community Engagement:  Discussions were ongoing as to how best to engage the residents of the village and communicate the good work carried out by the PC.  It was hoped that this could be done via a centre page spread in Contact.

Defibrillator Maintenance:  It was agreed to accept the quotation for the necessary items for the maintenance of the defibrillator.

Parking in The Rise:  The problems of parking on the grass in The Rise persist and it was agreed to write to the residents again requesting that they do not park there and the PC would look into the cost of ‘No Parking’ signs being purchased.  There was a plan to paint single yellow lines at the entrance to The Rise which would indicate no parking at school drop off and pick up times.

Parish Council Elections:  These will be held on 6 May 2021.

Committee minutes:  The minutes of the Environment Committee meeting held on 23 March were agreed and Stephen Walsh agreed to join the committee.  The minutes of the Staffing Committee meeting held on 18 March were agreed.

The PC Training and Development Policy was agreed.

Health and Safety:  There was no change at The Rise.  Two urgent repairs are awaiting quotes. There was an issue with the safety surface at Lucy Plackett Playing Field which would be looked at.  All was well at the Lakes.  They remain closed at the weekends for the time being.

Adderbury Cemetery:  It was agreed that, to ensure clear ownership of plots in Adderbury Cemetery, Exclusive Burial Rights could only be purchased by one individual.  All the topple tests have now been completed.

Next meetings: Annual Parish Meeting  14 April via Zoom 7.30 pm
Parish Council meeting 27 April via Zoom 7.30 pm

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