There were apologies from Sheila August and Jaimie Cox.
Chairman’s Announcements:  Elections – the PC Elections on 6 May 2021 are an uncontested election and nine Councillors will form the new PC which comes into office on 10 May.  The Chairman thanked all Councillors who had served on the Council, Martin Rye in particular who had served for many years.
The Chairman had met with residents and staff of the St John Care Trust at Lake House over work being carried out on the creation of a sensory garden close by.  Discussions would continue.
The appeal hearing had been postponed by the Planning Inspectorate for 40 houses on Berry Hill Road.
The application relating to Plot 37 Henge Close had been approved by CDC for one dwelling.
Sydenham Close:  The Chairman had met with the owners of the amenity area (Persimmon), the contractors and CDC landscape officer and work has begun and should continue this week.
The repairs to the wooden footbridge situated in the corner of the playing field, has been subject to more vandalism and CDC had been informed.  The work will be carried out in the summer when access across the field is easier.
There will be a litter pick in the village on 5 June organised by the WI and it is hoped that Christopher Rawlins School will also get involved.
The gates to the cemetery are going to be removed for repair w/c 7–14 May. A temporary removable fence will be erected to allow pedestrian access to the cemetery.
Open forum:  Matters raised included litter picking, through traffic being discouraged to use the road through the village; reassessment on the drainage of the new sports facility in Milton Road; congratulations on the recent refurbishment of the Oak Tree notice board.
There were no reports from County and District Councillors.
Planning:  There were no observations made by the PC in respect of the following applications:
11 Meadow View
10 Twyford  Gardens, Twyford
25 Kemps Road, Twyford
The Grange Manor, High Street
Gable House, 13 Dog Close
Observations had been raised concerning:
Westway House, Horn Hill Road
Currently under consideration:
Christmas House, Aynho Road
25 Kemps Road, Twyford
Stud Farm Stables, East End
Wychwood, Meadow View
The Old Vicarage, Church Lane
Ivydene, Horn Hill Road
Stags Leap, Sir Georges Lane
The Cedars, The Green
2 St Mary’s Road.
Village matters:  Traffic calming – the Environment Committee had not met since the last PC meeting.  They were awaiting dates for work to commence on the Milton Road chicanes, and drainage on the Oxford Road
Focal:  Were very grateful for the Clerk’s help in obtaining some funding.  The library was now open for restricted hours.  They would be liaising with Friends of St Mary’s Adderbury (FOSMA) with regard to holding a book fair at the Community Day on 18 September.  Fund raising continues.
Milton Road Community Project:  The grass for the pitches was growing well and should not be walked on by members of the public and there is no public access.  The field drainage was working efficiently.  The PC has now applied to CDC for a Section 73 Revision of Condition 2 to enable minor changes in the position and layout of the building. The chairman and Lathams architects are continuing to work on the determination of planning conditions.  Reports from Consultants for landscaping and for Ecology have now been received.  Consultants have now been appointed for dealing with archaeology and for further drainage requirements including an independent analysis of the current pitch drainage.   OCC Highways have included the new access from Milton Road as part of the traffic calming project.  Having OCC’s support has been a great benefit to the project and to the community.  The traffic calming project will begin around the end of June through July when there will be a road closure.  The agreed deer and rabbit fencing  is scheduled to be installed in the next few weeks.  The WFAC grants sub-group are continuing to research specific grants for different elements of the build. And WFAC fund raising group are continuing to play events for 2021.
Dog Waste Bin:  There had been a request from a resident to purchase a new dog waste bin for the Oxford Road/Berry Hill Road if a suitable location could be found.  A Councillor will look at the various possible sites and report back at the next PC meeting.
New Bench: There had been a request from a resident to purchase a new bench for the village.  There was some discussion about this subject and it was decided that when the new Council meets in May it will discuss the possibility of re-examining all the benches in the village to establish which needed either replacing or renovating.
Parish Council matters:  It was noted that one of the walled garden allotment plots was not being maintained satisfactorily and it was agreed to give the tenant a one month final warning to tidy it up or the tenancy would be terminated.
Health and Safety: There was no change at The Rise.  Quotes were still awaited for repairs to the safety surface both here and at the Lucy Plackett playing field area. The Lakes were now fully open with the deer park path due to re-open shortly.
Parish Council Meetings post 7 May 2021: On 7 May the emergency legislation expires which the Government put in place to allow Parish Councils to meet virtually.  Adderbury PC has agreed the following ‘In response to the Covid-19 situation, APC believes it is not safe to hold a physical PC meeting.  The PC agreed to grant the Clerk and Responsible financial Officer, delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the PC where such decision cannot reasonably be deferred and must be made in order to comply with a commercial or statutory deadline.  The delegation does not extend to matters expressly reserved to the PC in legislation or in its Standing orders or Financial Regulations.  Any decisions made under this delegation must be recorded in writing and must be published in accordance with the relevant regulations.  This delegated authority ceases upon the first physical meeting of the PC or upon changes to Government legislation, whichever in the soonest’.
Finance:  The Annual Governance Statements for 2020/21 Sections 1 and 2 were approved.  Bank Account signatories were confirmed.
It was agreed to accept a quotation for the repair of the Well at the Oak Tree.
Correspondence:  An email had been received regarding ‘dogs on leads’ signage at the Lucy Plackett playing field.
The next PC meeting is on 18 May at 7.30 pm via Zoom.

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