There were apologies from Sheila August and District Councillors Heath, Bishop and McHugh.
Chairman’s Announcements:
The Ice House and footpath repair projects at Adderbury Lakes had been completed, although there was some work to be undertaken by volunteers on the outside of the ice house. A village resident had undertaken work at the Lakes Boat House at his own expense and a letter of thanks would be sent to him.
The Friends Meeting House project had been completed, including works to the grills.
A Community Infrastructure Fund meeting was held in Bloxham in September  and limited funds were available for community projects like play equipment and village halls.
Oxfordshire County Council ‘Commitment to Thriving Communities’ Meeting was held in October and the Chairman had raised the issues of traffic calming and road drainage with the County Council officers.
A £50 donation from the Adderbury and Milton Royal British Legion for the Silent Soldier was noted. The Parish Council would be laying a wreath at the Remembrance Sunday service.
Cherwell District Council’s Parish Liaison Meeting was being held on 7 November 2018 and Councillor Ann Lyons was attending.
Open Forum:  A number of residents addressed the PC with regard to traffic calming and drainage issues in the village.
Planning:  No observations had been made by the C in respect of:
Johan Robb and Vicky Law – 8 Parsons Street
Mr and Mrs Shirt – Fieldgate, Manor Road
Mrs Trish Fennell – Archway Cottage, Tanners Lane
Mr C Coles – Streams, 19 Dog Close
Crest Nicholson Midlands – Land South of Cotefield Business Park Phase 2 Adj to Blossom Field Road, Bodicote
Objections had been raised concerning:
Mrs Caroline Cooper – 30A Twyford Road, Twyford
Currently under consideration:
Mrs Linda Arnold – Elton House, Sir Georges Lane
Mr Robert Woodall – The Maltings – 10 Adderbury Court
Mr and Mrs Hawkins – Tryad House, High Street
Johan Robb and Vicky Law – 8 Parsons Street
Ms Katie Macdonald – OS Parcel 0080 Weat of Berry Hill Road adjoining and south of Milton Road
Mr Kevin Darke – Brook House, Mill Lane
Section 106 Funds:  The Section 106 funds which have been allocated to Adderbury and were held at Oxfordshire County Council and Cherwell District Council were noted and the Parish Council’s understanding and acceptance of the S106 funding purposes as detailed in the documents from the County and District Councils, was confirmed.
WFAC:  Working for Adderbury Community (WFAC) – The update on the work of WFAC was noted.  The Chairman of the WFAC was now Mrs Jackie Head.  The current expenditure on the project would be circulated to the Parish Council.  At the next Trustees meeting, WFAC would be asked for an update on the status of the project including the proposed Business Plan.  WFAC would also be asked to provide a copy of the notes of their meetings.
Forest School Project:  Thomas Fox Landscaping would be asked to include this area of land to the schedule of cuts remaining this year and Councillor Diane Bratt was authorised to continue liaison on this project with the Primary School.
Defibrillator for Adderbury – The remaining funds of £353.75 would be ring fenced by the Parish Council and used for the installation of the defibrillator, future maintenance and replenishing supplies.  A plaque would be installed at the site of the defibrillator stating that it was funded by Adderbury Community.
Traffic Calming Working Group – It was agreed to add to the terms of reference of the Environment Committee: “(j)   to identify the need for improved traffic calming in the village and, if a need was established, how it could be implemented and funded.”
It was also agreed that the work to date of the informal Traffic Calming Working Group, be continued by the Environment Committee and the Working Group be disbanded;
The Environment Committee should continue to meet in public with agendas issued and minutes taken and circulated by the Clerk or a deputy, with recommendations to the Parish Council;
The Environment Committee to consult widely and effectively on any proposals the Committee may consider to ascertain support across the village and willingness to accept the likely costs of such proposals;
To add to the current membership of the Environment Committee (Cllrs Martin Rye, Steven Cox, Keith Mitchell and Chris Shallis) two members from the Traffic Calming Group, namely Councillors Ann Lyons and Garrad Millier; and
the Committee be empowered to add up to two non-council members as non-voting advisory members, to be appointed on the basis of their demonstrable expertise in traffic management.
Parish Council Matters:  Councillors Lyons and Millier were appointed to the Environment Committee.  Three members of the PC had undertaken the ‘topple test’ at Adderbury Cemetery and four grave owners would be contacted and asked to make the headstones safe on the plots.
Health and Safety:  there were no issues ad The Rise, Lakes and Lucy Plackett Playing field although a closer inspection of the toddler climbing frame here would be undertaken.
Strategic Plan 2018-2021:  The Plan was approved with the inclusion of long term financial planning.
Walled Garden Allotments:   The request from the tenant of plot 3 to erect a shed and polytunnel was approved and the tenant of plot 1 was permitted to keep her tenancy as there had been a vast improvement on the site..
Date of Next Meeting:  27 November – Church House -7.30 pm.


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