There were apologies from Andrew McHugh, Mike Bishop and Matthew Gerrard.

Vacancies: It was agreed to co-opt Lucy Wells onto the Parish Council.  Other applicants would be asked to provide more details about themselves and also to attend a PC meeting and if they were still willing to stand their applications would be considered.

Chairman’s Announcements: The planning for the revision of Condition 2 had been approved.  There had been anti social behaviour at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field late at night.  This would be followed up with Thames Valley Police who would be asked to increase their monitoring of the area.

There had been complaints about parking on the verges around the Pickled Ploughman on the Aynho Road which raised problems with views of the road being blocked when pulling out of local driveways.  In view of the fact that this road is an emergency blue light highway from the ambulance station with ambulances not necessarily using their siren, it is a particular problem.  The issue will be raised with the pub.

Open Forum:  Matters raised included the removal of hedgerow and trees to accommodate the new entrance to the proposed community centre and also drainage issues at the same site.

County Councillor Report:  CC Arash Fatemian reported that a site meeting had taken place at the Barford Bridge with a view to setting the budget for its repairs and there would be a petition raised for priority work to be done to get the bridge open as soon as possible to relieve the impact its restrictions were having on neighbouring villages.

Planning:  No objections had been made by the PC in respect of the following application:
1 Norris Close

Objections had been raised concerning:
Land to rear of Gracewell Care Home, Gardner Way.

Currently under consideration:
Nell Bridge House, Aynho Road
Old Marks, East End
Ivydene, Horn Hill Road
The Lake House, Lake Walk.

Village Matters:  Traffic calming – work on the installation of the chicanes in Milton Road was on course to be finished this week.

FOCAL – Residents were encouraged to support and use the library now that it had reopened and there would be a Bumper Book Sale on 18 September supporting both FOCAL and FOSMA.  Please start collecting books together that you no longer want.  This is the same day as the Community Day supporting WFAC.

The Milton Road Community Project:  The PC’s application for a Section 73 Revision of Condition 2 to enable minor changes in the position and layout of the building had now been approved.  The Project Management Team were responsible for setting out the next steps and were currently working with members of the WFAC on a project procedure plan in readiness for the building phase of the project. Reports from Consultants for landscaping and for ecology had now been received.  OCC had included the new access from Milton road as part of the traffic calming project.  A small number of trees had been felled in readiness for the Highways entrance following agreement from CDC and a survey from an ecologist carried out to check there were no nesting birds.  The WFAC grants sub-group were continuing to research specific grants for different elements of the build.  The WFAC fund raising group are continuing to plan events for 2021 the first one being the Community Day on 18 September.  The WFAC publicity group is developing ideas to advertise the project now that the S73 had been approved.

It was agreed to accept the report in full.

Environment Committee:  The minutes of the recent meeting were noted.

Health and Safety:  At The Rise the quotation for repairs to the soft floor was still awaited and repair work was needed on the perimeter fence.

Likewise at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field the soft floor quotation was awaited.  There was a litter problem at the moment and the public were requested to either use the bins provided or take their litter home with them.  There was a problem currently with anti social behaviour late at night – mainly noise.

There were no issues at The Lakes.

Next Meeting:14 September Church House 7.30 pm.

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