There were apologies from Councillors Head, Jelfs and Shallis.

Chairman’s Announcements:  The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who turned out to vote, about 30% of the electorate.  The result of the Referendum held last Thursday was a resounding yes vote: 651 votes in favour and only 58 against.  The idea of a Neighbourhood Plan for Adderbury was first put forward to the Parish Council by the Chairman and Councillor Mike Dolamore in 2012 and it has been a long time in coming to fruition. The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who has contributed and worked on the Neighbourhood Plan team over these years, especially Sam Brown who chaired the team working on the final version and also worked with Councillors and Cherwell District Council to complete the very final stage of the Plan after it was agreed by the Independent Examiner. The Plan has now become part of Cherwell District Council’s (CDC) Local Plan and must be referred to as part of the planning process. The Plan is mainly about supporting CDC’s policies to prevent unsuitable development outside a defined settlement boundary and to protect and enhance the landscape in open countryside. There are also a number of Design Policies which aim to maintain the quality of architecture throughout the village and also policies which protect ten buildings and structures of local importance.  The Plan also includes policies to protect the environment by safeguarding Green Spaces and Open spaces within the village and to support Employment and Tourism in the Parish, as well as to provide new facilities for sports and community use on the Milton Road and work to improve facilities in the Lucy Placket Playing Field. The Parish Council is pleased so many residents voted for these policies and it is hoped that the Parish Council will now move forward to provide the sort of village that residents have shown they want.

Councillor Lyons reported on the Parish Liaison Meeting that she had attended.

With regard to the Silent Soldier, the location needed to be agreed and the Clerk had contacted the Royal British Legion and made an application to obtain same.

The Clerk had received an application form from Councillor Fatemian and would be applying for ‘No Parking’ signs to be placed outside Christopher Rawlins School.

The maintenance work at The Rise play area and the Walled Garden Allotments was in hand.

Open Forum:  Matters brought to the attention of the PC were the removal of the road sign outside Gracewell Care Home and the liaising between the PC and new residents of Henge Close about the proposed use of the Adderbury Field.

Councillors’ Reports:  Reports from C. Councillor Arash Fatemian and District Councillor McHugh were received and noted.

No observations had been made by the PC in respect of:
Thames Water Utilities Ltd, Adderbury Sewage Treatment Works, The Leys
Mr and Mrs P Smith – Beren House, East End
Mr Richard J Edge – 5 Church Close
Mr Steve O Rourke – 26 Deene Close
Mrs Louise Dier – Adderbury Hill Barn, Milton Road

Observations had been made in respect of:
Nicholas King Homes – Plot 37 Henge Close

Currently under consideration were
Mr Thistlewayte – Sorbrook Manor, Cross Hill Road
Mr Prentice – 24 Margaret Road, Twyford
Mr and Mrs Berto Lelli – 51 Rocheter Way, Twyford
Mr and Mrs Allan Ziff – 2 Henge Close.

It was noted that a flood risk assessment and archeological survey on the Milton Road land were both in hand.

Focal Report:  An update on the work of FOCAL was given.  There had been a Book Sale and Coffee morning which was well attended.  The AGM is scheduled for Monday 24th September at Church House.

WFAC: A progress report was noted.  It continues to receive positive feedback on the project from individuals and organisations in all parts of the village.  The fund raising group’s hard work continues and further ‘Aunt Agathas’ Tea Parties’ are planned. There will be a Community Day in September and the Christmas Ball at Bo-Peep is already nearly a sell-out.

Cemetery Fees for Burials for 16 Years and Under:  It was agreed that no fees be applied to these funerals.

Forest Schools Project It was agreed to provide a small budget for this work to pay for the preparation of the site, based on the children’s designs.  It was also agreed that Councillor Bratt should continue liaising on this project with the school.

Committee Minutes and Recommendations:  It was agreed that after some slight amendments, the Terms of Reference for the Staffing Committee and Environment Committee would be approved.

Health and Safety:  The annual inspection at The Rise has been satisfactory and the fence work was in hand.  One repair was necessary at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field site and all was well at the Lakes.

Parish Council Documents:  These were accepted and agreed and are available to view on the PC website.

Finance:  The Internal Audit Report 2017/18 was accepted and the Effectiveness of the Internal Audit 2017/18 and Statement of Internal Audit Control 2017/18 were both approved.  This reflected the hard work and efficiency of the Clerk in these matters.

Next Meeting:  31 July –  Church House – 7.30 pm.

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