There were apologies from Councillors August, Head, Lyons and Mitchell and District Councillor McHugh.
Chairman’s Announcements:  Mrs Bratt was delighted to announce that she had been awarded the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire  award for services to the community.
Public Forum:  There were no members of the public present.
Planning: No observations had been made by the PC in respect of the following applications:
Mr and Mrs C Peacock – 1 Rochester Way
Mr and Mrs Robinson – The Cedars, The Green
Mr M Gough – Land West of Horn Hill Road
Currently under consideration were
Mr and Mrs White – 33 Margaret Road
Mr M Hawkins – Part of OS Parcel 9077 South of Old Wharf Adjoining and north of Aynho Road
Mr N Saganthankumar – Mill House Farm, Mill Lane, Kings Sutton (outside of area)
Mrs M Paterson – Honeystone House, Parsons Street
Planning Application 19/02796/F – OS Parcels 3309 and 4319 adjoining and north of Milton Road:  A report on the Milton Road Project informed the PC that all pre-commencement conditions had been discharged by CDC so the PC could now go ahead with the preparation of the pitches for sport.  The proposed start at the beginning of October had been delayed due to the bad weather.  The Planning Application had now entered the consultation stage and all details were accessible on CDC’s Planning portal.  There had been a welcome number of comments in support of the application.  The Architect had made a few adjustments which had resulted in the application being very slightly delayed.
FOCAL:  It was reported that FOCAL were holding a Family Quiz on the 28 February in Church House starting at 6.00 pm and the bi yearly quiz would be held at the Bell on 28 March.  Councillors were encouraged to support FOCAL events whenever possible.  Councillor Mitchell had resigned from active participation for personal reasons.
WFAC:  The planning application had been lodged with CDC and could be seen on their planning website ref no 19/02796/F.  Once planning permission had been given the committee would begin applying for large grants to cover the cost of the building work.  Preparation of the sports pitches at the Milton Road site would begin in the spring or when the weather permitted.  WFAC were considering ideas already put forward to improve the facilities at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field area.  Adderbury Park Football Club were organising a Race Evening on 28 March and other fundraising events included: VE Celebrations Aunt Agatha Tea Party on Sunday 10 May, a Community Day on 19 September; Aunt Agatha Tea Party on 11 October and 13 December.  Owing to the success of the Autumn Ball last year WFAC had donated £200 to Katharine House Hospice, £200 to Lake House and the Let’s Play Project .
Parking in the RiseIn an effort to alleviate the issue of parking around the junction of The Rise and the Oxford Road it was agreed to alert the CC Highways Officer and Thames Valley Police to the issue and seek their advice as to the best way to resolve the problem.
Biodiversity Project:  The Chairman reported that a number of residents had contacted the Clerk and Chairman to express support and interest in being involved in this project. A new schedule for mowing to leave Lake Walk Green and Tanners Lane areas of grass/verge unmown,  allowing meadow grasses to grow.  Amenity areas on the Aynho Road, Longwall Close and Sydenham Close would be managed for meadow plants through agreement with CDC.  The Chairman continues to liaise with interested residents at Sydenham Close to develop a potential volunteer group for this area and residents in St Mary’s Road would be contacted and this area added to the new cutting scheme.
Adderbury Lakes Tree Survey:  It was agreed that the PC would commission a professional survey of the Lakes trees.
PC Vacancy:  No applications so far.
PC Surgery:  Issues raised at the February surgery were noted.
Health and Safety:  All well at The Rise except for the ongoing issue of a new seat being installed.  This was in hand.  All well at Lucy Plackett and The Lakes which had been closed in the recent high winds.  Part of the wall that had collapsed had been repaired.
Church School Fete:  This would be held on 6 June on the Lucy Plackett Playing Field.
Next Meeting:  31 March at 7.30 pm in Church House.

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