In the past few days an enormous amount of dog mess has been collected in the Lucy Plackett children’s play area.

Please do not take your dog into the children’s pay area and have some consideration for our community by picking up your dog’s mess.

If you allow a dog in your charge to foul any publicly accessible area you are committing an offence. The penalty for not clearing up dog fouling can be up to £1000 if the case is dealt with by the magistrates courts, or £50 if the owner is given a fixed penalty notice.

Adderbury has plenty of dog poo bins, but you are allowed to use other public waste bins, otherwise please dispose of it at home.   You may not know that The Bell Inn in Adderbury is a ‘Dog Bag Agent’ – so if your dog is caught short without a bag try Chris or Sandra for help.

You can report dog fouling to Cherwell District Council

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