Once again, Adderbury will be whipping its hankies, ringing the bells and bashing those sticks. On Saturday 28 April Adderbury Village Morris Men, Sharp & Blunt and Adderbury Morris Men will be dancing around the village to celebrate Adderbury’s Day of Dance. Join us all for a day of well, dancing and maybe a drink or two. Come and say “hello” and perhaps even get involved with one of your local Morris sides.
Full details of the schedule and other fund-raising events being held on the same day …

Adderbury Village Morris Men
10:15am Old School (Library)
10:30am Churchyard
10:45am Church Lane
11:00am Streams
11:30am Lake House
12:05pm The Red Lion
12:45pm The Bell Inn
1:30pm The Coach and Horses
2:00pm Lunch Break
2:30pm The Coach and Horses
3:30pm The Bell Inn
4:05pm Rose Cottage
4:15pm Le Hall Place
5:00pm The Bell Inn

Sharp & Blunt
12:00pm Gracewell
1:00pm The Red Lion
2 :00pm The Coach & Horses
3:00pm The Bell Inn
4:00pm Le Hall Place
5:00 The Bell Inn

Adderbury Morris Men
10.30am The Old Wheatsheaf
11.00am The Red Lion
11.30am The Coach and Horses
12.00pm The Bell Inn
1.00pm Lunch Break
2.00pm Flowers in Churchyard
2.30pm The Dog & Partridges
3.00pm The White Hart
3.30pm Manor Road
4.00pm Le Hall Place
5.00pm The Bell Inn

WFAC will be running three stalls outside the Coach and Horses – Tombola, Cakes and Books.  Tombola donated items can be dropped off to Jackie Head at the Coach and Horses on the evening of 27 April.  For further information contact Jackie Head on 07849124392.  Many thanks to Tony of the Coach and Horses for allowing us to use this site.

The Mental Health Foundation.  There will be garage and table top sales going on around the village. Posters and fliers will advertise the venues to help you find them. All the money raised will go to The Mental Health Foundation.  This is Adderbury Churches Annual Charity.

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  • Ann Lyons

    Let’s hope the weather has improved by then and the whole village can enjoy a great Adderbury tradition

  • David Greatworth

    Calm down “andy green”, no need to get so excited. Don’t understand why this bothers you since you don’t live in West Adderbury.

    Not sure why you think West Adderbury Residents Association doesn’t exist, it has a website www.westadderbury.com and seems every bit as real as wfac which is your organisation.

    Perhaps we could drop the sarcasm and aggressiveness, there is too much of that connected with local politics, and discuss this like grown-ups?

  • Andy Green

    Great news “David Greatworth”. You have fallen for that hype haven’t you. You may be interested in the “North three-quarters of Rochester Way Association for people who own cats and names that start with F to J”. Just as likely to be started and just as realistic a proposition. Now back to reality everyone.

  • David Greatworth

    My previous post has not been acknowledged, so I will try again.

    There is a lot of talk on facebook and village websites about West Adderbury becoming its own Parish. www.saveadderbury.co.uk has a couple of articles and it has been discussed on the Parish Council facebook page.

    What is going on? If the two villages go back to having their own parish councils, then how will facilities be divided between them? what happens with events like the day of dance?

  • D Greatworth

    There’s an article on the saveadderbury website saying the village is going to be two separate ones like it used to be. I thought it was a wind up but the West Adderbruy residents association does seem to be genuine. What will happen with things like the day of dance if this does happen?

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