Community Governance Review (CGR) – Update. The Parish Council is now able to report that on 22 February 2021, Cherwell District Council (CDC) approved the Community Governance Review Working Group’s recommendation that there should be no changes at all in Adderbury and the Parish Council should not be split and the village divided.

Following a request for a CGR, Cherwell District Council held a consultation process whereby residents were invited to comment on the proposal.  There were two phases of public consultation and at both, it was clear that neither the idea of a separate Parish Council nor a separate ward for the west of Adderbury was acceptable to the residents of this parish.

The actual numbers and details of the CGR procedure can be found on CDC’s website.

Cherwell District Council’s review was an independent process and the Parish Council thanks their Officers and Councillors for the professional way in which it was conducted.  The Parish Council also wishes to thank all residents who took the trouble to make comments in the consultations.

The Parish Council is pleased at this decision because it confirms the fact that the current Parish Council is working very well.  The current Councillors live in all areas of the village (including 6 in west Adderbury) and do their best for all areas of the village. There is no separate ‘village’ of west Adderbury, we are one village.

In the last couple of years, when residents were misled to believe the Parish Council was not functioning properly, in fact, the opposite is true.  Councillors work very hard for the community, usually completely under the radar.  This included going out in the poor weather over the Christmas period to assist residents around the Lucy Plackett Playing Field, who needed sand bags and putting in many hours to bring traffic calming measures to the village.

Councillors have also established many volunteer initiatives, including ‘Paint Means Poo’ (addressing dog waste), Snow Wardens, Biodiversity projects, Community Speedwatch, and also the WFAC group who are working diligently with the PC to progress the new community and sports facilities on the Milton Road, to name but a few.  All these projects involve Councillors working with members of the community to bring people together to help each other and make the village an even better place to live.

The Parish Council does not make grand gestures, trying to seek praise for its work – it is a group of very committed and positive members of the community, who engage quietly with residents every day and it is always here to help and support residents when they need it.

There is no need for dividing and splitting the village or the Parish Council and if that had happened, the community would have been the poorer for that decision. It is now important that everyone accepts the result of Cherwell District Council’s democratic decision.

The Parish Council now calls on all residents to move forward as one united village and work with the Parish Council on all the really positive projects which are happening in Adderbury.

The Parish Council meets every month (except August and December) and residents are always more than welcome to attend and listen to the work which the Parish Council is undertaking.  In between meetings, please feel free to contact the Clerk, Theresa Goss, who is always happy to help.

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  • Rick Atkinson

    ANOTHER WASTE OF PUBLIC MONEY AND TIME. The small minority of dissident residents on the west side of the village have again cost local residents a substantial amount of money and wasted hundreds of public servant man hours. As predicted by many, the results of the ten-month Community Governance Review (CGR) was a foregone conclusion.
    These costs are in addition to the many thousands of pounds wasted in recent years for: Two Parish Polls, disruption and delays to the Neighbourhood Plan, a previous Cherwell review following their abusive treatment of the Parish Clerk and two failed applications to request a Judicial Review (both of which were thrown out as “totally without merit” by the High Court Judge). This latest cost of over £1665 is for the CGR on the proposed creation of a separate parish council for the west of Adderbury. Cherwell District Council have now dismissed this idea following their independent consultation of residents which showed a very large majority against it. All of the above went against the instigators who invariably refused to accept the official findings in all cases.
    West Adderbury Residents Association have selfishly exploited local council procedures by trying to disrupt the smooth running of local government. Their actions are basically motivated by their desire to take control of west Adderbury in order to stop the building of the new community centre and sports facilities on the Milton Road – the land for which was donated to the Parish Council long before the new Milton Road housing developments were built and, before West Adderbury Residents Association existed. They claim to be representing the residents who live to the west of the Sor Brook (which runs through the village) but in reality they have relatively few followers. They have tried to “brain wash” the newcomers on the two new Milton Road housing developments and have contributed nothing towards their wellbeing. They say that the Parish Council ignores their demands and that the Parish Council does not represent west Adderbury even though 6 out of the 12 councillors are from the west side of Adderbury.


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