Adderbury Parish Council had been considering a proposal for a new footpath across Colin Butler Green, however advice has been sought from officers at Oxford City Council and they have confirmed that it is not possible to put a footpath directly across Colin Butler Green, due to tree roots and services.  However it was suggested putting a footpath around the edge of Colin Butler Green, so that pedestrians from the Horn Hill Road direction could walk from the existing footpath across the first entrance to Manor Road and then follow the curve around the Colin Butler Green on the new footpath, to then cross the second entrance to Manor Road, opposite the entrance to Cross Hill House.

The short footpath leading from the Horn Hill Road path (across the verge) into the road would also need upgrading.

The quote for this work is around £10,000.

The Parish Council does not have the funds immediately available for the project, however should residents support the proposal, the Parish Council will investigate funding options.  However, please bear in mind that it may be a long process raising the necessary funds.

The Parish Council would like to hear the views of Adderbury residents on this proposal and should anyone have any comments, please email them to or ring the Clerk to the Parish Council, Theresa Goss, on 01295 710965.


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