Reminder – Social Distancing

As residents will be aware, it is vitally important to ensure social distancing, even when using outside spaces. There are a number of narrow roads in Adderbury, so when out walking, please be considerate of other pedestrians and also the residents who live in those roads, as they may wish to exit their properties leaving a safe distance between themselves and passing pedestrians. This is an issue of concern which has been raised with the Parish Council.  The latest guidance on the Covid-19 rules are available on the Government web site

Road Safety Works in Adderbury – The Next Phase

The next set of road safety improvements for Adderbury is moving a step closer. Responses showed over-whelming support for the proposals in outlined in the statutory consultation carried out by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Highways. Proposals were submitted for final OCC approval, which was granted by the Cabinet Member for the Environment on 21st January 2021.  Designs will now be finalised, and a contractor procured and mobilised, with the aim of commencing work on site in late March.

The Lakes

Adderbury Lakes are now open during week days for local visitors.  Access to the Lakes is subject to the Covid 19 restrictions, and normal opening will be resumed when regulations allow.  Volunteers are always welcome to the Lakes working parties when, hopefully, normal operations resume in September.  As a gentle reminder: Please observe the Country Code and take your litter home with you!!

Traffic Calming Consultation

CONSULTATION – Berry Hill Road, Milton Road and  The Rise (Adderbury/Twyford) Proposed Speed Limits, Traffic Calming and Parking Restrictions. OCC is seeking your views on the proposals to amend the speed limits on Milton Road and Berry Hill Road on the approach to Adderbury village, which will also be accompanied by complementary traffic calming measures.
The proposed Traffic Regulation Order is due to be advertised in the Banbury Guardian newspaper today; Thursday 19 November 2020, and details are available to now view on the Council’s consultation pages at the address below:…/consultation…
As stated on the notice, any objections or other representations on the proposal should be submitted to the County Council by 18 December 2020.

Dog Fouling in the Village

The Parish Council is supporting a new initiative to tackle dog fouling in the village, which involves spraying with a fluorescent paint dog mess which has not been picked up by dog owners. This will hopefully make it obvious just how bad the issue is in the village and also shame those, who do not pick up after their dogs, into doing so. If anyone in the village is concerned about dog fouling and would like to support this work, please contact the Clerk. This has been trialled in other areas of the Country and has been very effective.

Update on Parish Council’s Increasing Biodiversity Project

About a year ago the Parish Council agreed to follow up the Chairman’s initiative in creating increased biodiversity areas around the village and encouraging residents to become involved.
Following a report on this project in the Contact a number of residents contacted the Clerk and Chairman to express support and interest in being involved. As a result, areas around the village have been left unmown during this summer to encourage grass and wild flowers to grow. These include Lake Walk Green, Tanners Lane areas of grass/verge and St Mary’s Road entrance.

Please be a responsible Dog Owner

As the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions continue to ease, there has been an increase in the number of people venturing out into the countryside for some social-distancing exercise.
Although good for the health, this is an the opportunity to encourage visitors to follow the Countryside Code for their own safety, and that of the wildlife and livestock they encounter.
There is a more sinister side to not following the rules, and visitors should keep to public footpaths and not walk over fields, always leave gates as they find them or let their dogs foul in the fields or leave poo bags on the ground or tied to fences.