Draft Notes of Parish Council Meeting – 12 September

There were apologies from Councillors, Gill, Head and Jelfs.
The Chairman sent condolences to the family of Mike Wood, former Chairman of the PC in the 1970’s who recently passed away and she thanked those who made donations in his memory, totalling over £400, to Adderbury Lakes.
She confirmed that the installation of the new play equipment would be started at the beginning of October 2017.

Victims First Facebook page

The Police and Crime Commissioner’s new initiative Victims First now has a Facebook page to keep people up to date on information, advice and support for victims of crime www.facebook.com/victimsfirstTV/ Victims First is a website www.victims-first.org.uk which has advice on what to do and how to get help if you’ve been a victim of crime, including information on […]

BBC2 – The Repair Shop

BBC2’s The Repair Shop are seeking damaged family and community heirlooms for their second series and objects that have special significance during Christmas time for their upcoming Christmas special. The series follows a team of passionate and skilled crafts people who restore damaged objects of sentimental value.

Adderbury Parish Council Grants 2018/2019

Adderbury Parish Council has a small budget for the award of grants in 2018/2019. To enable to Parish Council to feed the grant applications into its budgeting process, applications for 2018/2019 are being requested earlier than they usually would be. The Parish Council can give grants to community organisations in the village whose activities benefit […]

Dog Fouling in Adderbury

It has been brought to the attention of Adderbury Parish Council that dog fouling is an issue around the village generally and specifically in The Rise. Therefore, the Parish Council would kindly remind dog owners to clean up after their pets and use the bins provided for the health and safety of the community.
If the problem persists the Parish Council will have to engage the services of the Dog Warden, which may result in fines for irresponsible dog owners.