COVID-19 Testing Initiative

I am writing to you as a volunteer, leading the Oxford Task Force for the Donate Your Cough initiative (developed by London-based startup, Novoic). The ‘Donate Your Cough’ campaign can be reached here: We’re developing a free, scalable and remote screening test for COVID-19, based on the unique cough patterns caused by the virus. The technology uses advanced deep learning and signal processing techniques to ‘learn’ what COVID-19-specific cough patterns sound like. Upon validation, this test could theoretically screen the entire country within seconds.
Right now, we are building a group of volunteers in the Oxford area, to help with community outreach of this project – and achieve the target of 1,000,000 cough recordings by the end of July.

Traffic Calming Update

At its meeting on 23 June 2020, the Parish Council’s Environment Committee received useful updates from the County Council on proposed traffic calming measures in the village. The Committee hopes these will be implemented in the village over the coming months.
There have been slight delays with the proposals due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and a subsequent shortage of staff at the County Council, but the following were confirmed:

Latest COVID-19 Funding Pot for Businesses Launches

Small businesses affected by coronavirus restrictions are encouraged to claim grants of up to £10,000 as the latest round of Government funding is rolled out.
Cherwell District Council is administering the new, discretionary scheme. It targets organisations that were not eligible for the previous grant schemes and which have ongoing property-related costs.
Applications will be accepted from Tuesday 2 June until Sunday 14 June. All applications will be reviewed and decided after the closing date.

Walking through the Church Yard

It is so nice to see that the church yard is still kept looking so tidy during this lockdown. I have been walking through there regularly and there is always someone doing part of the grass. This weekend it had a really good cut and it looks fantastic. So thank you to all you mowers it is greatly appreciated.
Sadly there is always another side to this. Dog owners still do not pick up their dog mess in the churchyard when there is a dog bin near the Lych Gate to put it in and it would be even better if they did not mess in the church yard. Someone even tied a poo bag on the foot rail at the back of the church. Can you believe it!

VE Day 2020

This year should have seen parades, church services, street parties to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe, the end of the war against Japan is due to be honoured in August.  Early this year Covid 19 stepped in and , for want of a better phrase, tried to spoil the party.  However, the whole country, from the Queen down, refused to play ball, even the weather co-operated.
If anything I think it brought us closer to our relatives from 1945 and has given us a small insight into what they had faced. The main difference of course is that they had a visible enemy, something tangible, we cannot see our enemy. Click here to see celebration photos kindly sent by Ann Lyons, Val Scarff, Erica Bradfield and Colin Galloway.