Parish Council Biodiversity Project for Adderbury

There has been a large amount of interest from residents in leaving areas of vegetation more natural to encourage increased bio-diversity. In response to this the Parish Council has agreed to a number of actions, which also comply with the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan’s Policies on bio-diversity: If residents wish to make comments or be involved in this project, please contact the Parish Clerk

Application 19/02796/F


Application Consultation
Erection of sports and community pavilion with associated car park and sport facilities (outdoor pitches and MUGA) following planning consent for change of use of agricultural land to sport/recreation and community use (18/00220/F)
OS Parcels 3309 And 4319 Adjoining And North Of, Milton Road, Adderbury.
This is a consultation on the above proposal. If you have any comments to make, please make them by 7 January 2020.
If you need more time you should contact us no later than 7 January 2020. We can only grant more time in exceptional circumstances and we would need your reasons for the request, together with a firm date by which we will have received your comments.
Plans and relevant documents can be viewed on the Council’s online planning register using the hyperlink below.

Road Traffic Incidents and Fixed Camera

As part of the Parish Council’s project to try and address speeding in Adderbury, the Parish Council would like to try and obtain information about road traffic incidents and significant near misses in the village, in which speed is believed to have been a factor. Most road traffic incidents are not reported to the police […]

Home Library Service

libraryThe Home Library Service is available to people who are unable to visit the library themselves through frailty, short term illness, infirmity or a disability and have no other means of getting access to reading materials.
How it works
Contact us to discuss the kind of books, DVDs, audio books that you like to read or enjoy. We then arrange for a library volunteer to deliver these to you in your home.
To register for this service or for further information call the Home Library Service on 01865 810259 or Catherine Drake Adderbury Library Manager on 01295 810545 or email:

Volunteer Driver Service

Volunteer Driver Service North Oxfordshire was established in April 2012 as a project of Citizens Advice. Volunteer drivers use their own cars to take people to appointments where there is no reasonable alternative transport available. Passengers pay a 45p a mile charge to help cover the driver’s fuel cost. Please call 0300 3030 125 for […]