Naming of Roads on New Developments in Adderbury

The Parish Council has recently extended its list of names for roads on new developments in the village, following a request from Mr Nick Allen. The four additional names are listed below with a very informative description from Mr Allen on the background to each one. The Parish Council  thanks Mr Allen for his suggestions and his support.

The four additional names and their history ….

17/02394/OUT and 19/00963/OUT- Development on Berry Hill Road

Planning application 19/00963/OUT on OS Parcel 9100 Adjoining and East of Last House Adjoining and North of, Berry Hill Road, Adderbury, which is an outline application for permission for up to 40 dwellings with associated landscaping, open space and vehicular access off Berry Hill Road (all matters reserved other than access) will not now be considered at CDC’s Planning Committee on 14 November. It will be considered at the December Committee meeting, but the date is to be confirmed due to the General Election.
The consultation is open until 7 November and comments can be uploaded on Cherwell Council’s  Planning Portal

Oxford-Cambridge Growth Corridor and Expressway – How to get our voices heard?

The Chancellor has backed the National Infrastructure Commission’s concept of an Oxford to Cambridge ‘Growth Corridor’ of a million new houses, of which 300,000 would be in Oxfordshire. That would be equivalent to six new cities the size of Oxford; or to put it another way would more than double our present housing stock and population by 2050.

Part of the growth scheme is a new Expressway – a Motorway in all but name – from Oxford to Cambridge to “facilitate” the development.

At the moment this transformative change is being proposed without any public consultation.