19/00619/F – Erection of Three Dwellings on Land East of The Leys

An application for planning has been submitted for three large houses and diversion of the footpath:
1. Diversion of the Public Footpath
2. Build of 3 large 5 bedroom properties in the garden of Biggam House.  To view in detail go to Cherwell District Planning Application. Deadline for comments is 7 May. This is a haven for wildlife running parallel to the old railway line adjacent to Lucy Plackett Playing Field with the only access gained via Tanners Lane.

Oxford-Cambridge Growth Corridor and Expressway – How to get our voices heard?

The Chancellor has backed the National Infrastructure Commission’s concept of an Oxford to Cambridge ‘Growth Corridor’ of a million new houses, of which 300,000 would be in Oxfordshire. That would be equivalent to six new cities the size of Oxford; or to put it another way would more than double our present housing stock and population by 2050.

Part of the growth scheme is a new Expressway – a Motorway in all but name – from Oxford to Cambridge to “facilitate” the development.

At the moment this transformative change is being proposed without any public consultation.