Appeal Against Refusal of 40 Houses on Berry Hill Road

Outline planning application 19/00963/OUT at OS Parcel 9100, land north of Berry Hill Road, Adderbury for up to 40 dwellings with associated landscaping, open space and vehicular access off Berry Hill Road was refused by Cherwell District Council.  The developer has now appealed this decision and it will be considered by the Planning Inspectorate.
The Parish Council objected to the application and this can be viewed on the Parish Council’s web site.

Planning Application 20/03687/F Plot 37 Henge Close

Nicholas King Homes is applying (again) to build a 3 bedroom house on Plot 37 of Henge Close. This Plot was originally designated as large green space for community use, and the planning application for the Henge Close development was approved on this basis. It seems very unfair that this developer has sold houses with the promise of a nearby green space, then subsequently applied to build on this green space as soon as contracts were exchanged.  If the developer wanted to put a house on Plot 37, this should have been part of the original Henge Close application. The deadline for comments is 23 February 2021 and you can access the online form at Comment on planning application: 20/03687/F – Planning register | Planning register | Cherwell District Council.

Perry Tree Farm 

Land South of Milton Road – Perry Tree Farm 
A site visit was carried out by Cherwell District Council in November 2020 to ascertain the current use and future intentions of the occupants.  The land is currently being run as a Christmas tree farm with a number of associated structures including a marquee, containers, septic facilities and a caravan which is occupied for security purposes.

Naming of Roads on New Developments in Adderbury

The Parish Council has recently extended its list of names for roads on new developments in the village, following a request from Mr Nick Allen. The four additional names are listed below with a very informative description from Mr Allen on the background to each one. The Parish Council  thanks Mr Allen for his suggestions and his support.

The four additional names and their history ….