Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan Update

The process continues….

We are now at the next stage in the lengthy process of producing an Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood plan sets out 21 land-use policies that Cherwell District Council (CDC) planning officers will use when considering new development applications in Adderbury.
Submitting Comments: Comments on the documents should be sent: By email to  or by post to: Planning Policy Team, Strategic Planning and the Economy, Cherwell District Council, Bodicote House, Bodicote. Banbury, OX15 4AA.

Adderbury Parish Council Report September 2017

During September 2017, a meeting of Adderbury Parish Council was held on 12 September 2017. The contents of that meeting have already been reported separately.

Also during September, individual Councillors and the Clerk carried out a number of tasks and work on projects in the village, which included:

A letter on the Parish Poll from 32 Adderbury residents

On May 11th at Christopher Rawlins Primary School, between 4pm until 9pm there will be a village Poll to ask Adderbury residents to either support the intention of using the community land at Milton Rd for football –2 pitches, large clubhouse/community building and parking for up to 100 cars – OR reject this plan and demand that a wider community use for the land is sought. The Adderbury Parish Council (APC) is split on this issue, councillors living furthest away from the development appear to support the football option and those who live less than a mile of the development oppose it.

Milton Road Housing Development

“Now that the protective hedge has been removed to expose them in all their glory, can someone please explain to me how such ugly and inappropriate houses on Milton Road (north) were ever granted planning permission.  Trish Fennell”

Adderbury Parish Poll – A letter from 6 Adderbury Parish Councillors

This letter has been written by SIX of the 12 members of Adderbury Parish Council – Diane Bratt, Chairman of Adderbury Parish Council, David Griffiths, Vice Chairman, Ann Lyons, Keith R Mitchell CBE, Martin Rye, and Chris Shallis. They are asking you to be sure to vote in the Parish Poll and to vote YES to encourage the parish council to provide these new facilities, including football with other sports, in planning for the use of land at Milton Road which has been gifted to the parish council.

Parish Council Land at Milton Road

A number of years ago, the original owners wished to donate some land in the village to improve the sport facilities that the village has. As residents may be aware, the current provision which is located at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field frequently floods and it unusable on a number of occasions during the year.